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arodris Wednesday 19th September 2018 18:21

Help with some Orioles from Quintana Roo (Yucatan peninsula, Mexico)
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I need help to identify some orioles seen in the state of Quintana Roo, in Mexico, last august (12-13th).

Pictures 1-2 were taken in Tulum, near the beach. I think that the bird that appears in the first picture was the upper bird seen in the second one, but not sure. Can they be orange orioles?

Pictures 3-5 correspond to the same individual, seen in Akumal (within the gardens of one of the hotels). My first thought was a yellow-backed oriole, but the tail is not dark, which creates me some doubts.



KenM Wednesday 19th September 2018 22:28

Am wondering if 1-2 are Altamira Oriole?....Pass on the other bird.


arodris Thursday 20th September 2018 18:21


Originally Posted by KenM (Post 3765581)
Am wondering if 1-2 are Altamira Oriole?....Pass on the other bird.


Thank you, KenM, for your kind help.

Altamira oriole should have a black back. In the second picture, back appears yellow-orange. I guess that it is orange oriole, but I still have doubts with the bird in the first picture, that was very near to that bird with the orange back.

Regarding the bird in the last three pictures, I have no idea on the species.


TLeukering Friday 21st September 2018 16:15

Orange seems reasonable for the first two photos (eBird pix), though take that with at least a grain of salt, as I've not seen the species. I also haven't seen Yellow-backed, but check the eBird photos.

arodris Friday 28th September 2018 08:59

Thank you for your help, TLeukering,

I am almost sure that the bird on the first two pictures are orange oriole. Regarding the other three pictures, I am still not sure on the correct ID. Anyway, thank you very much


jesperbayjacobsen Saturday 29th September 2018 00:03

I think you're right about both, Antonio.
Like with many orioles, the tail of the young Yellow-backed is olive colored, so everything in your photos looks good to me for that species.

It's more curious to see the almost orange tail on the bird accompanying the adult Orange Oriole in the other photo. Taking the situation one would assume it is also an Orange, but I can't find any references, my literature or photos or photos online, that mention or show anything about an Orange having a tail colored like this. A light and color artifact..?

arodris Sunday 30th September 2018 20:42

Thanks jesperbayjacobsen for your answer,

Regarding the bird accompanying the orange oriole in second picture (the same as in picture 1), I also had doubts in the field about its identitiy. I assumed that it should be also orange oriole, but my first thought was that I had two differents species (may be competing by the nest site?). My first though was also a yellow-backed oriole, as in the other three pictures, but I am not sure.


njlarsen Sunday 30th September 2018 22:14

I remembered I did have a similar problem once. See this thread and especially the last post:


arodris Monday 1st October 2018 09:25

Thanks a lot for the post. I have also checked at HBW.
Then, we can guess it is also an orange oriole

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