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rbroadwell Saturday 10th June 2017 22:29

Osprey nest on San Francisco bay
An Osprey nest on a WWII era crane. The nest has been around at least a few years, but the cameras were recently put up.

rbroadwell Monday 12th June 2017 23:04

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the nest is very close to my home

this is the male with a near miss of a fish 11 June

KC Foggin Tuesday 13th June 2017 00:17

Pretty darn cool and two great shots.

rbroadwell Wednesday 7th March 2018 14:06

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they are back

ialarmedalien Wednesday 7th March 2018 17:45

Awesome, thank you for the heads up!

CalvinFold Wednesday 4th April 2018 20:59

Richmond and Rosie!

Rosie laid a second egg last night; I'm told they expect a third by Friday.

CalvinFold Wednesday 9th May 2018 17:50

Richmond & Rosie had their first of three eggs hatch this morning. Two more to go!

CalvinFold Friday 11th May 2018 19:32

2 of 3 last night.

rbroadwell Sunday 24th February 2019 14:13

The Ospreys are back on the nest. The female returned from her migration February 23 and the male usually stays close.

Willfish4fud Friday 7th June 2019 20:11

Big fan of Ospreys. Get to watch them on the barrier islands off the MS coast

birdwatchinghobby112 Thursday 20th June 2019 00:00

This is so cool!! Thanks for sharing didnt know live cams for birdwatching existed. Hopefully this doens't stop me from real birdwatching outdoors lol

CalvinFold Thursday 20th June 2019 21:09

OMG, wasn't paying attention to them being back! *goes to obsess over the video feed*

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