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Chosun Juan Sunday 30th October 2016 08:27

Canon 400mm f2.8 II array
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Not quite too sure which forum to post this in, but figured there might be a few stargazers here who would appreciate it, even if it's mostly set up for the reverse! - using astro gear to photograph terrestrially .....
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A "dragonfly" array of 24! count them! Canon 400mm f2.8L II lenses with the important SWC (although I think other manufacturer's Nano coat technologies might be just as good?) are used to spot difficult to photograph cosmic phenomena .... way to spend quarter of a million buck$!

Perhaps some of you DIY nutters on here might get some ideas???

Chosun :gh:

DanC.Licks Friday 4th November 2016 14:24

Very interesting! Impressive, to say the least...

Vespobuteo Friday 4th November 2016 15:42

I did some calc and it seems that this setup is equivalent to a f/0.1 lens?!!
Could that be correct?
Not possible to build a single lens that fast I guess...

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