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steinn Friday 10th January 2020 07:35

Sound Device MixPre3 II tested with live birds?
Wonder if any out there had a chance to test the ability to record in 32 bit float (file )and especially interested what happens to far away birds being pulled up in the computer afterwards? Does noise etc. kill the birdsound or is it really as good and noiseless as they claim.
Myself using Zoom F4 and Telinga parabolic MK2 in field with a maximum of 24 bit files. Using mostly Audacity
See photos and listen to Northern Birdsong at (also a quick guide to filters in Audacity :)

Borjam Wednesday 5th February 2020 14:25

The usable signal will still be limited by your microphone. The real benefit of 32 bit recording is, you don't need to pay attention to recording gain. You can set a low gain in order to avoid distortion for loud signals and still get a really useable recording.

So, no worse than 32 bits of course, and more forgiving.

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