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Ghosthunter33 Saturday 11th January 2020 15:06

Bat Equipment

I know this may sound silly but I am a amateur ghost hunter and discovered through a few recommendations, that speaking to an Bat expert would be greatly beneficial, any advice or recommendations would be ideal and definitely desired.

I am trying to capturing the lowest of echoes and sometimes even the best microphone won't work well, unless with expensive equipment. I was toying with the idea of using an or I am trying to get something below the human hearing 20Hz capability so slightly ultrasonic in nature with automatic playback?

Do you think using both of these would be effective or have any additional recommendations? I am trying to be creative as possible.



opisska Saturday 11th January 2020 16:21

No! What you are looking for is infrasound - sound with frequencies lower than human hearing, while bats (and thus their detectors) operate with ultrasound - sound with frequencies higher than human hearing. The kit needed for the two is completely different.

Mono Monday 13th January 2020 14:45

As stated above it is infrasound you want, lower than human hearing.

There are lot of pro level infrasound microphones available,

Or you could just try a free phone app!

Or you could just acknowledge that is there is no such things as ghosts!

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