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b_reynolds_ak Sunday 12th January 2020 21:11

Garmin Instinct
I have a Suunto Core Alu that has been through loads of abuse in the last 6 years and is still working great. However I wanted a heart rate option. I decided to go to a Garmin Instinct for my new ABC watch. It is fantastic! They can be bought for only $199. Using GPS, the altimeter function is more accurate that using baro alone. There are some great reviews online for the Instinct. I would highly recommend it. The sunrise/sunset widget is great for determining viewing times for wildlife.

peter.jones Monday 10th February 2020 10:10

I must admit, I thought Garmin's days were numbered with the advent of Smartphones, with GPS and mapping / routing built in. However, I was wrong, and they are producing some great products which compliment the smartphone technology.

I have had the Instinct for a few days, it seems excellent. Although you are limited to the features supplied, and can't go importing more widgets etc. it is very customisable, and doesn't seem to be missing anything.

The "flashlight" is the only disappointment so far!

Excellent for wildlife watching because we don't need the full-on GPS tracking as we tend to move quite slowly, and can get by with the less battery intensive tracking mode.

I'm starting to prefer it having buttons as opposed to touchscreen. Especially now I have a familiarity with what I've set the hot keys up to do.

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