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dalefelton450 Monday 13th January 2020 17:32

Bird Hut - Advise Needed
Hello everyone

This is my first post. I wanted to buy a bird hut which can be used a feeder too. Please advise.


Julie50 Monday 13th January 2020 20:14

Welcome dale,

This may be a cultural thing - but could you elaborate on “bird hut” please?

PYRTLE Monday 13th January 2020 20:32

Perhaps a covered bird table, though a hut suggests a much larger structure. Maybe a type of open coop. Intrigued. Or a bird hide with an attached feeder area?

dantheman Monday 13th January 2020 20:44

You do get 'bird houses' with a feeder or feeding station attached - if so definitely not a good idea! (Makes for lots of conflict between nesting and feeding birds).

A log cabin with feeders outside sounds nice, but expensive!

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