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pstraughan Saturday 4th August 2007 12:35

51st Garden Tick
Two House Martins made brief rest stops in a dead tree in my garden this morning. They have only been occasional fly-overs before this year and as far as I know the nearest nests are about a mile away. 41 garden ticks this year, 51 in total.

And to think I nearly decided to go out this morning.......


NIK III Saturday 4th August 2007 12:57

A lovely bird to have visit your garden Pat. I've been watching my neighbours HMs going to and fro from the nest only a few yards away. I want them to send their chums to my des res but none yet.

bill moss Saturday 4th August 2007 20:13

Hi Pat,

You're lucky, I've seen very few HM at all this year, even in places where I've seen them in the past. Does anyone know whether numbers ARE down?


NIK III Sunday 5th August 2007 08:45


Originally Posted by bill moss (Post 964463)
Does anyone know whether numbers ARE down?

Hi Bill,

The Bird Track records show the number of returns per week they have received on HMs is down on summer last year. Not the same as a reduction in population I know.

Ruth Daniel Sunday 5th August 2007 09:52

Hi Pat and all,
House Martins galore here!!:t:
Youngsters still being fed in the nest under the eaves....their twitterings,acrobatic comings and goings are always sorely missed when they leave us in the Autumn!

bill moss Monday 6th August 2007 20:58

Hi Nik

Thanks, I'd forgotten about the Birdtrack site.


Chickadeedeedee Wednesday 8th August 2007 00:32

Oh, don't you just *LOVE* it when the unexpected bird comes for a visit? Lucky you! Congratulations.


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