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CatGabriel Tuesday 23rd August 2016 02:34

My bird drawings
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Hi everyone, thought I would share some photos of my recent bird drawings. I'm currently exploring a scribbly style of drawing using pen and pencil. Would love some feedback :)

Chosun Juan Tuesday 23rd August 2016 05:59

Bravo ! Very Well Done !! :))
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:hi: :cat:

I love these!

I like this 'scribbly' style :t: very interesting, and reminiscent of really old growth gums (and strangely old discarded rolled up fencing wire too! :) .....

I'm no artist of any sorts by any stretch of the imagination! (though know a few), nor critiquer, but I like the Blue Tit, and especially love the last one :cool:

The Major Mitchell is good too - your work seems to convey a soft femminity. The budgie seems a bit caricaturish - not sure if that was part of the style you were after?, but I much prefer the more realistic looks ..... though that works too, and has its own unique loveliness.

To my uninformed creative self, I imagine this scribbly style is hard to do? Well done :t: Excellent ! Keep going and let this style flow o:D

Just so the shoe has a go on the other foot - here is a biro drawing I did a while back from one of those kids 'learn to draw books' --- haha! Could be an entirely new species of Falcon for the experts to id ! :-O
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Chosun :gh:

_TheBirdNerd_ Tuesday 23rd August 2016 21:55

Oh my word, they are fantastic! I especially like the Blue Tit. :)

CatGabriel Tuesday 30th August 2016 12:16

Thank you so much Chosun! I really appreciate all of your comments. That's the kind of look I was going for, something that resembles wire or branches etc... I agree, the budgie is a bit more illustrative than the other ones, not quite what I planned. No, this scribbly style isn't really hard to do and I find it much more relaxing than other styles of art I've tried.

I love your Falcon, I think he looks great! Something about blue pen that always appeals to me.

Thank you BirdNerd! I was particularly happy with how the Blue Tit turned out :)

CatGabriel Tuesday 30th August 2016 12:20

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Here's another one I did, a Blue Jay.

KC Foggin Tuesday 30th August 2016 14:10

Quite impressive and some fine pieces of artwork.

Corvus cornix Tuesday 30th August 2016 15:56

Lovely stuff! An interesting but effective technique.

Many thanks for posting them.


Rdary794 Monday 23rd January 2017 13:55

They seem to pop out of the paper, nice work!

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