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paulwfromtheden Sunday 16th November 2008 19:41

Raptor and Tern id - Hamilton Island - Australia
3 Attachment(s)
1 and 2 were over the island, was on the Great Barrier Reef
Many thanks

Bird Hard 2 Monday 17th November 2008 00:00

The raptor looks like a Wedge-tailed Eagle and the tern like a Whiskered.

Greg McKay Monday 17th November 2008 01:12

Agree with I d's
Shape of tail in the first photo suggest Wedge tailed eagle as does the underwing coloring although a bit hard to distinguish.
The dark forehead, crown and breast are typical of a whiskered tern.

Laurie Knight Monday 17th November 2008 05:18

There's a good flight shot of a wedgie at

Regards, Laurie.

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