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klaus wuennemann Saturday 26th September 2009 09:05

Kansas or Nebraska?

i will have only one or two days birding during a trip through the North Central. What is the better birding location around the 1st October: Quivira, Cheyenne Bottoms or Platte River in Nebraska?

SteveC_07 Wednesday 30th September 2009 19:34


I've never been to the Platte River, but I cannot imagine it could be better than Cheyenne Bottoms / Quivira. Here's a list-serv I belong to where you can find a lot of recent postings from those areas. This thing is a little hard to navigate, but it might help you make a decision. Also - if you time it right, you might be able to spot the Whooping Cranes!

Good luck and have fun.

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