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ZiggyZ Sunday 9th June 2013 23:44

Sparrow Constantly Chirping

We have a sparrow that has apparently nested in an old satellite dish outside our fenced yard. I have noticed the sparrow sitting atop the dish and constantly chirping most of the day long. Is it lonely, looking for its mate or a mate? How do these little birds do things, I'm curious?

If I could guess his/her mate is gone/missing and I really don't know if they had babies because although when I see the bird it is often atop the satellite chirping, I've not noticed any babies inside. It is difficult to see inside where the nest is so I am not sure what is going on. I worry the bird feels threatened or in danger and I only seem to see the one bird and it seems so lonely, I don't really hear much of any response.


Brian Mertins Monday 10th June 2013 21:11

Hey Ziggy,

Do you know what kind of sparrow it is? Certain species like the house sparrow make a constant chipping sound as their normal behavior.

I've also noticed that certain other species like the song sparrow will sometimes chip constantly near their nest. They seem to do it more when there are nest robbers in the area. It's kind of a strange strategy because to me it usually just makes the nest easier to find.

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