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pauliev69 Monday 13th December 2004 19:30

Barn Owls help please
Hi and thanks for looking at this thread.
I have a friend who has a farm in Middleton-in-Teesdale, he is a RSPB member and has a keen interest in wildlife. He has asked me for advice on Barn Owls and I find myself lacking in knowledge so I said I would ask the Forum knowing I would be sure there will be experts in this field. His main question is that he has monitered Barn Owls using his barn and he is very keen for them to use this as a nesting place but he feels the legdes/eves are to shallow for the Owls to perch. Can anyone offer any advice to make the barn more attractive for breeding Owls or do the Forum think it would be used anyway for the simple reason that there are less barns now to chose from? Thanks in advance for any replies :h?: :h?:

Gill Osborne Monday 13th December 2004 19:55

Found an absolutely super site he can go onto...The Barn Owl Trust...Uk charity which offers loads of information and advice on attracting owls...a few species as well as Barn Owls!...they also do advice leaflets which can be downloaded from the net...

Hope this helps!


pauliev69 Monday 13th December 2004 20:09

Thanks for that Gill, what a super site, have downloaded and will pass on the info, many many thanks ;) ;)

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