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DustinMurrayphotography Thursday 14th February 2019 05:56

Hello BirdForum
I'm Dustin. I now live in Denver, but originally from San Diego. I have been a nature enthusiast my entire life. This led me to traveling, which led me to photography, and now, which led me here. I can longer hide behind my "I'm not birder, I'm a wildlife photographer" charade. I have never used a pair of binnoculars, but I have a life list of 614 bird species. Not to mention at least a dozen bird books. So I am a birder "newbie-ish", and excited to join your group. Look forward to exchanging ideas, and getting some first hand advise about up-coming trips I have planned.

delia todd Thursday 14th February 2019 08:01

Hi Dustin and a warm welcome to you from all the Staff and Moderators.

I'm sure you will enjoy it here. I look forward to hearing your news and will maybe see some of your pictures in the Gallery too.

G6 UXU Thursday 14th February 2019 09:28

Hello Dustin and welcome to the forum, enjoy and all the best.

KC Foggin Thursday 14th February 2019 11:37

Hi ya Dustin and a warm welcome to you from Myrtle Beach :t:

Please join in wherever you like ;)

Lisa W Thursday 14th February 2019 17:14

Hi Dustin, welcome to the forum. Nice of you to join us.

ClarkWGriswold Thursday 14th February 2019 18:02

Hi Dustin and welcome to Birdforum.


Fritz73 Thursday 14th February 2019 18:29

Hola Dustin! Welcome to Birdforum :t:

Kits Friday 15th February 2019 11:14

Welcome to BirdForum! I am sure you will find lots to interest you here, and I hope you enjoy your visits.

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