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ajfossey Monday 10th July 2017 15:58

Exemplary Customer Service
Sent my wife's often used, but well loved and cared for, 8x32 EL's back as green armouring was becoming loose and there appeared to be a dust speck inside!

It will be no surprise to regular users of this forum that the Swarovski customer service was superior as one comes to expect. All faults rectified at no cost to ourselves and they were returned good as new.

It's certainly a factor to consider when paying your money in my opinion and it is gratifying to know that when forking out for expensive optics that the customer care doesn't fall by the wayside at a later date.

Swarovski can rely on my future business for sure.

PeterPS Monday 10th July 2017 17:14


It will be no surprise to regular users of this forum that the Swarovski customer service was superior
Indeed no surprise at all, but how about the "dust speck": it should have been there from the beginning?

fluxed Tuesday 18th July 2017 00:22

That is how we try to run our small business. Turn around as fast as possible and warranty everything within reason and beyond

mark shorten Friday 28th July 2017 12:52

10 year old EL's got a knock on holidays, focus wheel kept spinning. Sent off for repair. Returned repaired and fully serviced, free of charge. Yes same old boring Swaro story, but they really do have superb service.


Steve Arlow Friday 4th August 2017 15:33

I sent my 8.5x40ELs for a 'repair' as there was a ghosting (akin to a stain) in the left barrel on the inner glass and this seemed to affect the focusing in getting a sharp image, I just couldn't get a 100% focused image. They came back in 4 weeks and had a chip to the eye piece which was not there when they were sent in originally so was non to pleased.

Spoke with the Swarovski UK Team next day and sent them back. As they were needed back urgently they done everything they could to get a swift turn around and back immediately. Whilst obviously disappointed that they came back with damaged glass the immediate action and turn around to address the issue was outstanding and showed that there is a top quality service being provided. The bins now seem completely spot on and seem better than they were before, don't seem to have the same focus problem I suffered for two years. I even got provided new accessories to got with them, i.e. lanyard etc.

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