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Moraybirdlover Sunday 5th October 2008 17:00

Very busy at the bird feeder today!
None stop coal tits goodness knows where they are putting it all!
Blue tits
Great tits
a Robin
and a couple of Dunnocks

Marmot Sunday 5th October 2008 17:05

We seem to have the CT, GT, BT's coming in one group, followed by the Chaffies, Goldies & Greenies. Then one big group of Sparrows. Makes a change from about 2 weeks ago when there wasn't much visiting.

Even though the increased number of Birds, the Sparrowhawk seems to have lost his timing and visiting when there is nothing about. Yesterday he sat in the rain for over an hour and still didn't get anything.

Just had a nice suprise, heard a BT shouting the odds so thought that the Sprawk was about...but then saw BT go to our camera monitored nest box, ran downstairs and put the camera on and found it was settling down for the night. A couple of years ago we had a male GT used the box for 18 months...even during the summer as well..must have been his bachelor pad.

Moraybirdlover Sunday 5th October 2008 17:20

The sparrow hawk is an infrequent visitor here thank goodness!

clayts Sunday 5th October 2008 21:46

I have just the two coal tits who carry out frequent 'hoarding raids' in unison on my foodstuffs - they're at it for most of the day (except when it's raining - no sign this morning in the downpour, unstoppable flying machines these afternoon when the sun came out to play). They don't run away from me anymore, and are the most fearless of the tits to visit.

Greats and blues tend to stick together and do flying missions in squadron formations.

Chaffinches, which only really arrived in force a week or so ago, are all clubbing together at present (seven in the flock from the woods at present - gradually increased from 3 to 4 to 6 to 7) and frequently visit.

barnstormer Monday 6th October 2008 07:17

No chaffinch at the minute,just greenfinch and goldies at the minute,the odd gt bt or wt.
And the big stupid collar doves and starlings.

clayts Monday 6th October 2008 11:34

I actually rather like collared doves, and certainly not stupid - they're fiercely loyal birds, protecting their partners and kiddywinks from other collared doves and, especially, magpies. I wouldn't want to upset one - they're very tetchy things : I've had one raise its wing at me (classic 'back off' gesture) on more than one occasion.

Now woodpigeons. They are dumb. They are the clowns of the woodland bird world- they never fail to make me laugh - incredibly clumsy, and with the bendiest neck known to mankind....

Moraybirdlover Monday 6th October 2008 17:01

I have no idea exactly how many coal tits are visiting as they so quickly come and go. The most I have seen at one time are 5.
As for the woodpigeon I always think of my dad whenever I hear one he always said that they were saying "My toe hurts Betty"

Marmot Monday 6th October 2008 18:06

Our night roosting BT came in again tonight but the strange thing is that during the day it must have made a visit and put a few pieces of really long grass in. It was slightly hanging out the hole but has now pushed it to the bottom...the strange thing is that it actually sleeps on a ledge at the top of the nest box...must be in case it falls off during the night.

Moraybirdlover Monday 6th October 2008 19:04

Maybe he just wants to be able to make a quick getaway if necessary. What would the grass be for?

Moraybirdlover Monday 6th October 2008 19:09


Originally Posted by barnstormer (Post 1303914)
No chaffinch at the minute,just greenfinch and goldies at the minute,

I envy you your Gold finches they are so beautiful. I haven't seen any for some time but have just purchased nyjer seed in the hope they may visit. Maybe plenty of wild plant seeds about here at the moment so they don't need to visit the feeders yet.

Marmot Tuesday 7th October 2008 08:12


Originally Posted by Moraybirdlover (Post 1304330)
I envy you your Gold finches they are so beautiful. I haven't seen any for some time but have just purchased nyjer seed in the hope they may visit. Maybe plenty of wild plant seeds about here at the moment so they don't need to visit the feeders yet.

I used Nyjer seed and they more or less ignored it, I use sunflower hearts in all of my feeders and every species loves it [especially the Goldies].

Can't understand why the bits of grass, might be a territory thing as earlier yesterday we saw BT fly to his box and a GT fly to the one further along that wall. Th bits of grass might have been to make it look scruffy to any others having a look in, It won't be breeding. Or the other thing is that it may be making a nesting cup at the bottom for comfort. Ian reckons it stays at the top as it is warmer [some heat of the camera as well]. The GT that used to night roost did vary his sleeping from top to bottom.

Moraybirdlover Wednesday 8th October 2008 17:25

Too late for the advice.Husband had already bought the nyjer seed.So we have that and the sunflower hearts for them to choose from if/when they show up!

Moraybirdlover Friday 10th October 2008 17:39

Long tailed tits have joined bird table today!
Saw one looking yesterday, so put out their usual favourite. I melt 250g lard and mix with 500g flour make into squares wrapped in cling film(it has to be lard as margerine/veg oil can affect the feathers reducing their wterproofing and insulating properties).Cool in fridge until solid then remove cling film and put them into the square wire bird food cages. Last year I had up to 16 visting at one time. They are so beautiful and I love the way that they fly.

Marmot Saturday 11th October 2008 06:27


Originally Posted by Moraybirdlover (Post 1307204)
Saw one looking yesterday,Last year I had up to 16 visting at one time. They are so beautiful and I love the way that they fly.

How about swopping some of my Goldies for your LTT's, have yet to get one in the garden,

We have had Blackcap, Siskin, Chiffchaff and GS Woodie in the garden, all which are a bit scarce around here.

Moraybirdlover Saturday 11th October 2008 07:27

We live in a cottage on its own beside a wood, I think that is why we get LTTs.Goldies are scarce up here, but we have had a couple visit every year, as to wether I'd like to swap-that is too hard a decision!!
When it is really winter we sometimes get a couple of siskin in with greenfinches but I have only seen Blackcaps in gardens 20 miles away=do they prefer town gardens? We also get GSwoodies later on in winter.
I wish that I could attract the squirrels though, we only have red ones up here and they are lovely but very shy.

Moraybirdlover Saturday 18th October 2008 07:34

More birds are joining the gangs at the feeder.
A female Blackbird has put in an appearance this week, a couple of chaffinch and the occasional greenfinch. Today a male Blackbird appeared and I saw a female GS woodie for the first time this autumn, I am so pleased to see that they are still in the area. Up to 8 LTT's are seen at least once a day, they don't stay long just a quick feed then away. Haven't managed to get a decent photo of them yet.
Marmot do you still have your night roosting BT?

Fozzybear Saturday 18th October 2008 10:13

Would love to get long-taileds in my garden, but I can at least walk into town to see them (normally, though not always) at the reserve. Have seen loads just half a mile north of here across the river too, and on the far side of the village at my work, so there are plenty around. With a good ancient footpath lined with trees and oaks just down the road it's 'possible' that they might appear although at the moment I'm jazzed about getting regular visits from blue tits - a species I'd only seen once or twice here until recently.

clayts Sunday 19th October 2008 19:03

Be patient, they may arrive - long-tailed tits finally arrived chez Clayts today, after being around the housing estate for the last couple of weeks. 7 or 8 of them, quick two minute pitstop, off they went...

I'm chuffed to now boast four flavours of tit now - blues and greats are the most prolific, I have a visiting pair of coal tits who raid and hoard, raid and hoard all day long, and now their long tailed 'cousins' (they're not technically the same species as other tits)

Moraybirdlover Tuesday 28th October 2008 11:01

First snow of the winter today, so lots of birds at feeder. Saw male GSWoodie yesterday.But otherwise the usual crowd!!

barnstormer Wednesday 29th October 2008 06:47

Yesterday was none stop for the first time since last winter,coal tits,blue tits,a robin a dunnock,loads of goldies and greenfinch and at one point about 50+ starlings,plus a few collar doves and a fleeting glimpse of what looked like a grey wagtail but i could be wrong.

Marmot Wednesday 29th October 2008 07:28

Well even though it was nippy yesterday it had been busier the previous days. I think thats due to the Sparrowhawk returning for the past couple of days and actually catching something [think it was a Dunnock].

We are doing well for Coal Tits we have been getting 3 coming in, other years we have been lucky to get one. Seems as if it has been a good year for them.

Tree Sparrow Friday 31st October 2008 14:22

This cold snap has certainly made everything a lot busier at my birdtable and finally my tree sparrows have come back. They arrived for the first time last winter and raised two successful broods this year and then disappeared. House sparrows arrived last winter too and also bred successfully, they've been eating me out of house and home ever since!

My Goldfinches tend to eat the peanuts, I gave up with the Nyger seed as it just blew away in high winds.

Love the recipe for the LTT Moraybirdlover. I presume it's just plain flour that you use? I get them in the garden but they haven't ventured to the feeders yet. That sounds like the ideal thing to tempt them.


daveofficer Sunday 2nd November 2008 21:40

I've had a very busy week at my feeders, normally it's just great tits, blue tits and coal tits but we also added long tailed tits, chaffinches, greenfinches, starling, bullfinch, house sparrow, goldfinch, wren, robins and a blackbird. Plus one very determined yet unsuccessful grey squirrel.

I've got a day off tomorrow so hoping for more quality garden action. Only lived here for a month so i'm sure there's more varieties to come. Before we bought the place the previous owner mentioned that they sometimes had woodpeckers in the garden so i'm crossing my fingers for that.

The one problem i'm having though is the seed from my feeder is falling out and ending up all over the grass. i don't understand how it's happening as you'd have to shake the thing quite consistently for that amount of seed to come out. Anyone got any suggestions on how to solve this?

Tree Sparrow Monday 3rd November 2008 09:14

I found the lightweight plastic seed feeders literally emptied themselves whenever it was very windy. Since getting a much more substantial metal (and more expensive of course!) seed feeder, much less is getting wasted.

Hope you get the woodpeckers visiting soon. I still find it a thrill to see them. Quite jealous of your bullfinches, I still haven't had any in the garden yet!


Bananafishbones Monday 3rd November 2008 10:10

My resident familys are:
Dunnock (6 Birds total)
Robin x (3 Birds)
Blackbird (6 Birds)
Collared Doves (12 Birds)
House Sparrows (8 Birds)
Woodpigeon (6 Birds)

Daily visitors are Blue Tits, Great tits, Coal Tits, Chaffinches, Starlings, Magpie,Carrion Crow

Frequent Visitors are Goldfinch, Jackdaw, Greenfinch

Less Frequent visitors are Sparrowhawk, Heron!! (Yet no water, I wonder why it bothers?), Tree creeper, GSW, LTT, Song Thrush, Redwing

Never had a Jay or Nuthatch :(

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