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cbroster Sunday 18th August 2019 22:29

Recording Blackbirds: Tips
Hi all,

I am carrying out a project for my dissertation research, where I am looking at the effect human noise has on the bird song of Robins and Blackbirds. I am not a bird watcher nor have I ever attempted to record them before, but very interested in it. I have been able to record robins rather easily because I just play a robin song and they respond rapidly... but I'm having difficulty recording blackbirds..

Difficulty is an understatement, I've recorded none! I'm not sure if it's the time of year (as I know they can be quiet around this time) or I'm doing something wrong...

Any advice on how to capture a blackbird song? I can easily identify it, I just haven't heard any around Southampton since I've been carrying out this work.

Any advice would be great!!

Thank you

Nutcracker Monday 19th August 2019 06:49

It's the time of year - Blackbird song is spring territorial behaviour, roughly February to early July. Robins are different, as they maintain territories year-round, except for a brief lull when they moult in late July-early August; they have just started singing again in the last few days.

PS welcome to Birdforum!

cbroster Monday 19th August 2019 21:34

Ah thank you!

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