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TFM70 Tuesday 29th March 2016 23:31

first Hummer ZIP 30117
2016, 3/29/15
2015. 3/31/15
2014. 3/24/14
2013. 4/1/13
2012. 3/26/12
Each time it was male Rubythroat.

KC Foggin Tuesday 29th March 2016 23:34

I'm still waiting impatiently.

April 2nd for the past 3 years but this has been such a strange year I don't know what to expect.

TFM70 Tuesday 29th March 2016 23:39

They have been within one week for each arrival for five years now.

SanAngelo Friday 1st April 2016 14:12

As far as I know, my first hummer was on the 27th of March, Black-chinned, although they were reported farther north in Lubbock around the 7th. They were reported much earlier elsewhere in the country. In the past I've seen the Ruby-throated before the Black-chinned this year I've yet to see a Black-chinned. It is a strange year.

Previous year arrival dates:
'13 the 26th
'14 the 22nd
'15 the 18th

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