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allanpcameron Wednesday 7th November 2018 16:46

Looking for a guide February 2019, Caya Coco
There were some references to such a thing from 2012, but I wonder if anyone has any up to date information.
I'm booked into the Pestana Cayo Coco the first fortnight in February 2019. I'm only looking a couple/few of day trips to see the basics and as much as possible. I went on a couple of trips this year in Mexico which were brilliant. Just looking for a good experience. All I can find on the internet tend to be whole dedicated tours.
Any ideas would be much appreciated.

allanpcameron Tuesday 13th November 2018 14:39

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I have managed to book Paulino, who has been mentioned in previous threads here. I've attached the schedule, which looks really good. Going to do the full day on 1 February and go with his son another day for the half day. Slight problem is that the friend I'm travelling with isn'ta birder, so Paulino is going to try link me up with another solo birder.

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