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Mick50 Sunday 5th August 2018 22:36

Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS & crop camera
I'm currently using a Canon 60D camera and use my 300mm L IS to shoot macro shots of butterflies, insects, etc. I'm thinking of purchasing the 100mm macro but am wondering about the results I can expect using my crop sensor camera. Any thoughts about this combination?

Troubador Sunday 12th August 2018 09:03


We have been using this lens for years mounted on Canon DSLRs with a crop factor of 1.6 making it effectively a macro 160mm so I sold my old macro 180mm lens. It is simply outstanding and has given us great results whether on flowers or butterflies, dragonflies or fungi. We use it almost entirely hand-held with cameras set to ISO 800 and the IS works a treat. For occasional use with an extension tube I improvise a support using anything to hand like my hat or backpack etc. There will be much less distance compression with this lens compared with the 300 and you will need to get closer for a given image size but the lens is so much more compact you will be able to react more quickly. If you only used your 300 on a tripod you will find a new freedom when using the 100 hand-held.


ben_r_ Wednesday 15th August 2018 04:36

Its an amazing lens and you will be able to get MUCH closer to your subjects than the 300L is capable of and get a true 1:1 ratio with the 100L. And itll work great with your crop body sensor too!

fixer Wednesday 22nd August 2018 22:23

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It all depends on how close you can get to your subjects, if its small then the 100mm will give you very good results if your like me and the bugs don't come close then a long lens what you have give good results you might have to crop but who doesn't this was taken last week with a full frame and the canon 100/400mm these are not our biggest dragon and without looking about 50% crop.

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