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nikonmike Thursday 14th April 2016 13:29

Is this a good focus system
Looking at moving down to m4/3 to save weight,read a lot on here about contrast/phase detection and got pretty confused,ime looking at the new Panasonic and wonder if it has the best focus system,below is a section from there camera details.

DFD technology Yes
Post Focus Yes
Type Contrast AF system
Focus mode AFS (Single) / AFF (Flexible) / AFC (Continuous) / MF
AF mode Face/Eye Detection / Tracking / 49-Area / Custom Multi / 1-Area / Pinpoint/(Full area touch is available)
AF detective range EV -4 - 18 (ISO100 equivalent)
AF assist lamp Yes
AF lock Yes (AF/AE LOCK button)

Many thanks


njlarsen Thursday 14th April 2016 15:39

I have to use links to answer, as my camera is older.

The GX8 is the latest panasonic camera that anyone has experience with. The DPReview of this camera is here:
You will notice that they describe problems with shutter shock which leads them to recommend silent shutter.

this thread about the Pana 100-400 lens is relevant for example in post 66 because of link to users describing how to use this lens with the GX8.

The GX80 is just announced, but will seemingly reduce the shutter shock problem.

The olympus cameras seem also by default to have some problems with shutter shock, with some 0s delay or silent shutter being recommended. The top model has on sensor phase detection. With an adaptor, this camera has been used with Canon's 400f5.6 lens (long thread elsewhere in BF)

At the time the G7 was announced, I think DPReview stated that the AFC was as good as a nikon 5300 (?). How much the latest models have improved over that I do not know.

comments to your list:
DFD makes focusing (in AFS) with contrast AF about as fast as focusing with phase detection, according to reviews. Only works with those lenses that have the required information included in firmware (or whereever), so not with Oly lenses.

Post focus really is a technique where the camera takes a video while incrementally varying the focus point. If there is limited movement, one of the frames (export as 4k = about 8 mpix) will be in focus for what you need.

AF is likely to work in lower light than some of the nikon AF systems you have been used to.

Hope this helps

nikonmike Thursday 14th April 2016 16:10

Thanks for the in depth reply,the spec where taken from the new G80 which hopefully will not suffer the shutter shock and i read the EVF refresh time was quicker on it also.

nikonmike Thursday 14th April 2016 16:22

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I had to cut that reply short,you may have guessed ime looking for the best one for BIF for stationery subjects most would do,been testing my ability away from DSLR on my Nikon V2 FT-1 adapter and sigma 50-500,with that i get AFS single point only so i figure if i can crack it on that i should be ok with a Panasonic and the 100-400.

Havent got there yet but ime getting close,two from today

GraemeS Saturday 16th April 2016 07:43

I've got an EM-1 with the new 300mm Pro lens snd I find BIF harder than I did with a Canon 7D and 400mm lens.
Doable, but tougher to get first focus.
It doesn't bother me as I'm not so bothered about BIF, which should also tell you I'm not experienced with it either.

nikonmike Saturday 16th April 2016 08:03

Thanks Graeme,i dont expect it to be as easy as a DSLR and in fact until i tried the V2 i thought it would be a no go with mirrorless.
Its not my main interest its just something i like to do when nothing else is about,there are a couple of things i still need to look into like will the 100-400 maintain focus if i zoom as with this type of gear its often easier to start with less zoom than you want.
At the moment its looking like the advantages will out weigh the disadvantages.

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