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ARTHUR BISHOP Thursday 5th April 2007 11:00

Thankyou both, glad you like, arthur

ARTHUR BISHOP Sunday 8th April 2007 17:20

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Got the pen & ink out to keep the hand in. Jackdaw before and after a colour wash.

nickderry Sunday 8th April 2007 20:41

Just for the character in this one, this has to be one of my favourites, I love the way you've caught the mischievious glint in his eye, it's almost as if he's glancing back over his shoulder to say, "whatever it is I'm not supposed to do, sod it, I'm doing it anyway". Hmm,must be in an anthropomorphic mood today, if that's the correct use of the word, since I moved to France I'm not sure of my English anymore.

ARTHUR BISHOP Sunday 8th April 2007 22:52

I had to look that one up,a good adjective, to attribute human personality to an animal. Like all the crow family a very itelligent bird.

timwootton Sunday 8th April 2007 23:01

Grammatical and literary expressions aside - you must have some decent eyes, Arthur! - How do you make these drawings so detailed yet, as Nick points out, so full of character?
And your etemology is correct both of you - the attribution of human emotions to animals - as in
"Oh look, she really loves you" (as said to a cat, which is currently scent-marking the back of your leg).

ARTHUR BISHOP Sunday 8th April 2007 23:19

Tim I like to draw the feathers, with a pen.Thats a dip pen with a fine nib ,you can get the detail , although a lot of it is lost when you have to reduce the picture size to fit onto this forum. As for the character of the bird I try to draw what I see. My poor eyes are getting old like me.

ARTHUR BISHOP Monday 9th April 2007 17:52

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Watching the Rooks today. some silhouettes done from sketches ,plus one with attitude

nickderry Monday 9th April 2007 23:09

great silhouettes, sadly the amount of fine french wine I've consumed today means I can't look long at this one at the moment, the swirling rooks are making me giddy! I promise I'll look again after my imminent hangover. :-)

ARTHUR BISHOP Wednesday 11th April 2007 10:21

You should drink a bit more then they may look even better Nick

nickderry Wednesday 11th April 2007 11:58

sober now, they look great, the swirling effect is enjoyable now rather than making me feel a little nauseous. It's great to see things like rooks and jackdaws being given the time of day by artists, I absolutely love them, little beats them for character and you've captured this very well.

ARTHUR BISHOP Friday 13th April 2007 18:16

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Avocet through the fog today for future ref.

timwootton Friday 13th April 2007 20:49

That's going to work perfectly, Arthur. I can almost imagine the piece from the drawing (which is tip top) - look forward to it.

Woody Friday 13th April 2007 21:09

Looks good Arthur. The bird looks nicely framed. Was that how you saw it or have you creatively placed it?


nickderry Friday 13th April 2007 22:46

Look forward to seeing how this one develops, particularly the barbed wire, I love trying to put it in pictures, but always end up losing patience with it as I can't draw it to save my life. I like the feeling of peering through the fence, it adds a distance to the bird.

ARTHUR BISHOP Friday 13th April 2007 22:55

Thankyou all three, Woody as it moved down the Creek towards me it framed its self

ARTHUR BISHOP Saturday 14th April 2007 16:12

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I like think this way might work a bit better.

nickderry Saturday 14th April 2007 18:38

The slightly differnet angle does work better I believe, it's very difficult to create this sort of picture (as I am learning at the moment!) where the bird is framed by it's 'back'ground. I'm continuing on the little grebe at the moment, and I'm trying to have the bird framed by a branch and its reflection whilst still having a load of water and branches all around, and to be honest, even with a good drop of alcohol (allowed as not at work for two weeks) it's driving me mad. Though my picture is driving me mad, I wish you great success with this avocet as this is going to be a great picture, if I may offer a piece of advice, try and ensure the bird stays behind its frame, as my little grebe has driven me nuts by deciding it wants to be the foreground!

ARTHUR BISHOP Saturday 14th April 2007 21:27

I understand what you say Nick. I want the bird to be the focus , but with more detail in the foreground it will push the bird back so it keeps the feeling of looking in to the Creek , or that is what I am trying to achive

ARTHUR BISHOP Sunday 22nd April 2007 16:43

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At last able to make a start with the Avocet. Still on a learning curve with acrylics. Trying to keep the bird back to get the feel of looking into the Creek. through a frame of reeds , fence posts and barbed wire.

nickderry Sunday 22nd April 2007 21:01

I like the composition, one thing I can't get right with acrylics is mixing the paint up to the right tone, so I daub it all on, then use thin washes of white to tone it down and make things recede, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but the best with acrylics is you can paint over anything you don't like and start again. Looking forward to seeing how this one progresses, I love the idea for it.

ARTHUR BISHOP Wednesday 25th April 2007 17:31

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a bit more on the avocet, also to see if it comes out as a thumb nail or att.

peter mathios Thursday 26th April 2007 01:10

I see it!! Looks like a great start. Looking forward to seeing it develop

ARTHUR BISHOP Thursday 26th April 2007 15:55

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Thankyou Peter,
I have to go to London for a few days + grandaughters birthday just to show you how far I have got. Till next week.

nickderry Thursday 26th April 2007 16:28

wow, the avocet is luminous, beautiful. Have a good time in London.

Woody Thursday 26th April 2007 16:59

Looking good Arthur, good luck with the foreground and enjoy your grandaughter's birthday. Jelly and ice-cream or G+T?


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