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nctexasbirder Saturday 20th January 2007 13:59

Help ID Bird Call-DFW, TX
i heard it this morning, about 8:00, it sounded like this:

tew! tew! tititititititititittititititit...........

sometimes there were three was fairly loud, loud enough to hear from inside...i have no clue what it might be

steveo Saturday 20th January 2007 14:43

Northern Cardinal or Pyrrhuloxia maybe

cavan wood Saturday 20th January 2007 15:16

Was also thinking cardinal, but I don't know pyrrhuloxia.


AlexC Saturday 20th January 2007 16:27


Lisa W Saturday 20th January 2007 17:04

Shouldn't be a Pyrrhulloxia unless it's lost, there range doesn't go as far as DFW more to the west in Texas.

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