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SteveNunez Sunday 25th January 2015 20:41

Flamingo Canvas Painting (with video.)
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Hello everyone......I primarily joined this site due to my interest in photographing wildlife and saw this thread on "Wildlife Art"............being an artist by profession, I thought I'd share this flamingo i painted not too long ago- hope you guys (and gals) like it~

birdboybowley Monday 26th January 2015 00:07

Nice Steve - good to see the 'ole airbrush being used. Haven't used one for years when I used to customize scooters, bikes and days!
Nice to see the WIP vid on your site too....oh, one more thing, next time can you attach a bigger file so we can appreciate the art more! ;)


SteveNunez Monday 26th January 2015 00:14

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Thank you..........yes I saw my image was too small- here it is in larger view..thanks again.
(Original image has now been replaced with larger image.)

birdboybowley Monday 26th January 2015 00:21

Much better! Cheers

kankushok Monday 26th January 2015 04:50

I watched a little bit of your video. Quite impressive. I didn't know that airbrush could get such fine lines. Most impressive is the impressive way you rendered the light to portray the glow of the flamingo's feathers.

SteveNunez Monday 26th January 2015 11:50

Thank you Kankushok, the airbrush is capable of producing very thin lines as well as very smooth gradients/fades....I have tons more videos on my site- but not wildlife related.....

tbbilbo Tuesday 17th February 2015 03:23

Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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