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dalat Wednesday 6th May 2015 11:20

Bushnell Xtra-Wide 4x30
In a thread about kid's binoculars, I saw these mentionned:

They look indeed interesting. Low mag, wide field, large EP and no need to focus sounds all perferct for kids.

There are not many details on specs, I'd be interested to know how they compare to the Leupold Yosemite 6x30 in dimensions. Also, perhaps someone who has them could measure the IPD?

Also, do they have individual focus or no focus at all?

Binastro Wednesday 6th May 2015 14:50

. Dear Florian,
I have the Bushnell Xtrawide 421, which is likely to be the same as the 430 as I've seen someone mention that the 430 is actually only about 21 mm aperture.
Kids seem to love this binocular. So that I presume there's no problem with the IPD, but I'll try to check later.
I initially didn't like the 421 as it is fixed focus and I am longsighted and the centre is out of focus for me.
However, following two bright planets as they got further and further apart from a close conjunction I was able to follow them and measure the field of the binocular accurately as 18.5. And because the field is curved I find that the image near the edge of the field is in focus for me, so the fact that the centre is not in focus did not matter. So as long as I keep things at the edge of the field they are in focus.

However, children have a great deal of accommodation and as long as they have fairly neutral eyesight I think these are great binoculars. The 4 x 21 were sold off cheaply at a bargain basement price. I don't know how much the 4 x 30 cost.

It must be pointed out that the 421 actually only magnifies 3.5 times, so the field is not actually extrawide.
There are several Bushnell Xtrawide binoculars where the magnification is overstated.

I also have the Chinese 422 independent eyepiece focus binocular. This has field of 16.5 and genuinely magnifies four times. They were also available with fixed focus eyepieces. I like this binocular even though the coatings are basic single coatings and uncoated surfaces. The images are quite good and the field of 16.5 is sometimes useful.

FrankD Wednesday 6th May 2015 15:29


I will check the IPD when I get home. I have the Opticron Savanna 6x30 so will compare the two later for you as well.

They have no focus mechanism. Your eyes' accommodation are the focus.

Binastro Friday 8th May 2015 14:42

. The 421 Bushnell Xtrawide has an IPD varying from 54 to 71 mm. It may be that the 430 is the same?
The weight of the 421 is 352 g.
It is marked Bushnell 13-0421. 900 feet FOV.
It has a curved field. I tried it with some old distance glasses, which are not my current prescription, but which fit close to my eyes. I can see the full field of view with these and much of it is in focus. It would need a younger person with good accommodation to see everything in focus.

Some of these binoculars have been adapted by taking the eyepieces and remounting them with a different spacing for the individual to give good focus.

dalat Friday 8th May 2015 14:50

Thanks both of you! Sounds indeed interesting as a kid's binocular.

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