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Tero Wednesday 5th November 2008 16:32

Frank, if you return more than 50%, you don't get the freebie.

I just made that up, but I got no freebie.

FrankD Wednesday 5th November 2008 16:44

Nice one Tero...but the Pentax DCF HS wasn't returned....yet.


Kevin Purcell Wednesday 5th November 2008 17:25


Originally Posted by FrankD (Post 1326598)
Darn. I didn't get it. ;)

So what is the verdict on those 8x42 Raptors?

Comparative review coming today or tomorrow ;)

Kevin Purcell Saturday 8th November 2008 00:31


Originally Posted by Kevin Purcell (Post 1300129)
Third buydig deal for those that want a roof.

Pentax 8x36 DCF HS Binoculars
$130 shipped

Midsized JIS 4 (water resistant) roof. Not a lot of detail on the site but these are typical Pentax narrower FOV.

Amazon too (with more technical details and perhaps sales tax!)

Again, I've never dealt with

They have one in camo for $99 with free shipping

And FrankD liked this bin in 2005 and still likes it (he's mentioned it a couple of times recently).

I just ordered one ... first time from

Tero Saturday 8th November 2008 01:19

Field of View at 1000 Yards 342 ft.

Monarch 8x36, FOV @ 1000yds (ft.): 367

Very similar. The Excursion 8x36 goes 420ft and is actually pretty good to the edge. Not completely sharp but not puky blurred either.

They seem to have some problem getting a reasonably flat field out of 32mm and 36mm in this price range.

Not sure what is the connection in my mind, but the 8x30 Zeiss Conquest...should have a fairly flat field but I only saw them once..has fov 360 ft./1000 yds. Same range.

FrankD Sunday 9th November 2008 13:18


Me too. ;)

Kevin Purcell Sunday 9th November 2008 20:12


Originally Posted by FrankD (Post 1329682)

Me too. ;)

Is that "me too" for the buydig purchase (making it another bought/sold/bought bin? ;) )

Or for the liking of it?

If it's the former (if you have a Pentax HS) how is the stray light? I would think with the smaller (Pentax-style?) FOV the stray light handling could be quite good (this is a trade off I'm more willing to make!).

OwenM Monday 10th November 2008 18:10

Minox BF 10x42 BR closeouts. Normally sells for $299. Same specs as the new BV, though the Amazon link shows them as BLs with other prices ~$450(I think that is a mistake-BLs have raised ridges, BVs and these BFs have grooves).
Sportsman's Guide $179.97+17.49 shipping:
Bargain Outfitters(same as Sportsman's Guide, far as I can tell):
Amazon-through Sportsman's Guide, but shows them as BLs...(buying from Amazon shows $336.38):

I have no idea how good these are or aren't, as I can't find any reviews online except a very short one of the 8x42 in equipment reviews here, and some comments here:

FrankD Tuesday 11th November 2008 01:11


The former. I paid $180 for the HS at Eagle Optics but could buy one at Buydig for $99. So I returned the former and purchased the latter. I can live with the camo. Go figure though. The camo models typically sell for more than the black ones and yet the black unit at that site is selling for $130ish.

Tracking says it should be here tomorrow.

I think you will like its stray light control. Very good. I liked this binocular when I owned it several years ago and I liked it again when I had it last month. The fit and finish is excellent as is the overall handling. It is the size of a 42 mm Nikon Monarch but with narrower and more contoured barrels. The image rolls in and out of focus very nicely. No issue with diopter slippage on the few models I have had the privelege of trying out.


Good catch on the Minox. I received my Sportsmansguide yesterday and noticed it as well. Not much else to get enthused about though unless you are into astronomy.

w.travis Saturday 15th November 2008 02:08

I purchased the Audubon Equinox HP 8x42 from Eagle Optics at their sale price of $181. I am pleased with them. I have compared them to Stokes talon 8x42 and Pentax DCF HRc 8x 42. The Equinox HP overall I liked better. Felt better in hand and optically were brighter and clearer. The area I could see that the Pentax and Talon were better was in the stability of the view. Using the Equinox HP you have to keep really steady hands it is easier for the view to become a little unsteady. I wonder if the smaller FOV in the HP's causes this? I also compared the HP's to the EO Ranger SRT 8x42 and the brightness and clarity of the view seemed very similar. The HP's have been discontinued but still comes with a lifetime warranty with the same company as vortex.

Matt_RTH Saturday 15th November 2008 05:17

I saw the mentions of Pentax DCF HS and I thought I'd mention I had those and wasn't particularly impressed. I had the 10x36 and the image was not critical sharp compared to others in the price range I've seen. Also, the color was decidedly flat. The coatings or glass didn't seem that great. I chose them as a cheap 10x where I normally used 8x. But I ended up selling. I'd consider the DCF HS "fairly" priced at the $99-120 range and not a bargain per se.

I am a Pentax fan though and have the 8x32 SP. These are truly a joy to use.

Kevin Purcell Saturday 15th November 2008 06:53

Remember the Pentax HS we've been talking about are 8x not the 10x.

It's a unfair to judge an 8x on the basis of the 10x: too many changes and usually for the worst with higher magnification with less expensive bins. Plus the already (IMHO) narrow 8x FOV would be even narrower in the 10x.

Did you try the HS 8x to compare with your other 8x including the SP?

Tero Sunday 16th November 2008 22:53

Pentax on sale
also 10x.
That is actually what I paid for mine some 4 months ago. But then the price went up.

OwenM Monday 17th November 2008 15:13

They're $391 on Amazon.
Could have sworn I posted some prices here, but I guess that was on the Pentax ED and cost vs. performance threads.
Search Amazon for "Pentax DCF SP"(or ED) if you want to see some serious bargains, right now. Pricing has continued to drop, lately.
Current prices for those too lazy to search:
DCF SP 8x32 $319.95, 8x43 $391, 10x43 $459, 10x50 $468.39, 12.5x50 $479
DCF ED 8x32 $579, 8x43 $599, 10x43 $699.99, 10x50 $799.99

I got some of the Pentax 7x50 PCF WP binoculars that Eagle Optics has on closeout for $49.99, and aside from the narrow FOV/AFOV(42-3* vs. 50 for the other porros) they are great. Narrower fields, but in my opinion, the Pentax have much better build and image quality than the Nikon Action and Action EX, Leupold Mesa and Yosemite, and EO Triumph porros I've tried.
I'd read that the WP II series wasn't as well liked in spite of updated body style, eyecups, and diopter adj., but can't remember the reasons. I think I'm going to get a couple of them to try, maybe the 8x40 and/or 10x50.
I looked their best shipped prices up on Amazon, too.
PCF WP II 8x40 $106.74, 10x50 $126.35, 12x50 $156, 20x60 $229.99.

Sorry if I'm a broken record naming off Pentax prices.
Before this year, I'd never owned a Pentax product. Didn't like the look of their scopes, didn't care for their compact cameras compared to Nikon's, wasn't interested in anything else they make...
This year I started out with a couple of Steiner binoculars that I'd had for years. I got interested in having something better, have bought Vortex Razor 8x42, Meopta Meostar 10x42, Browning 8x32, EO Triumph 7x35, EO Ranger SRT 8x42, and Pentax 8x32 ED, 8x32 and 12.5x50 SP, and the 7x50 PCF WP binoculars, plus looked at everything available locally in practically every price range from $20 to $2000. What I have left are the four Pentax. Everything else was returned for quality issues(Razor, Meostar, Ranger SRT), or given away-or thrown away in the case of my old Steiners that got damaged.
I have never entertained brand preference of any kind. Matter of fact, I think brand loyalty in a consumer is just plain stupidity, but until I can afford those Swarovskis I want, or find something for the price that performs as well, I'll be sticking with Pentax.

BirderSean Friday 21st November 2008 16:28

Nikon EDG 8x42 at REI 20% off
regular price $2000

they have a 20% off coupon right now which drops these to $1600

if you are a member ($20 to sign up, if not), coupon code is MEMWS8

normjackson Sunday 23rd November 2008 23:24

For folks in UK
Not sure how up to date Park Cameras' clearance page is but some good offers on Nikon (37... onwards) and Pentax (57...) optics.

Kevin Purcell Sunday 30th November 2008 05:29

Interesting bargain find (buried) on another thread by BinoBoy.

Promaster ED for $100 less than I've seen elsewhere.

Edited details below


Originally Posted by BinoBoy
I was out Christmas shopping tonight and discovered that Mike's Camera store here in the Denver, Colorado area carries the Promaster Infinity Elite ELX's. At good prices, too! The 8x42 are $400 and the 10x42 are $450.

Mike's is a fairly small local chain, but they do have a website (

Here are some links to save you searching:

Mike's is a reputable company, but I've never ordered from their website since I can just go to the store. It looks like they ship internationally.

You could also email Doug at CameraLandNY and see if he'll price match.

Tero Monday 1st December 2008 03:17

Zeiss 8x20 200 dollars
oops, out of stock
let us check the others
Minox 10x42

a few Steiners

Kevin Purcell Monday 1st December 2008 07:04


Originally Posted by Tero (Post 1346802)
Zeiss 8x20 200 dollars
oops, out of stock

Sierra trading post annoyingly leave their old bargains up for all time and the design of the web site means you can't see that it's "out of stock" until after you get exited.

But they do have some Zeiss seconds every once in a while.

BirderSean Monday 1st December 2008 18:01

Stokes DLS 10x42 for $450

I suspect other sites/stores will be coming down to this price too, sooner or later.

Kevin Purcell Monday 1st December 2008 20:40

Looks like the Stokes DLS is heading towards EOL (End of Life). Vortex tend to sell off close to EOL products (especially the less popular varient: x10 DLS, the straight Sandpiper scope) to dealers who mark them down.

In other news ...

The "new style" Bushnell Elite 7x26 Custom Compact Binocular or now $219 at EO.

And the Nikon Premier LX L 8x20 Binocular is $359

They also have current model Bushnell Elite's in 43mm and 50mm at 8x, 10x and 12x reduced a bit (but not a huge amount).

OwenM Monday 1st December 2008 20:59

I finally gave in to the Stokes at $449. Was considering them when they were $599, but kept getting mixed reviews here, and having second thoughts.
After comparing some alpha bins yet again today, and deciding I'd just as soon have a Pentax DCF ED 10x43, I started thinking about the Stokes again. I came home and pulled up the Vortex webpage to double-check specs, and look at the pics. I noticed the DLS is built very much like the Browning 8x32 whose ergos I like very much. The diopter ring and focus knob are knurled, the strap lugs higher and covered by the armor--things I like about the Brownings opposed to my other Pentaxes.
I reread a few online reviews, plus called Eagle Optics and asked for an opinion about the DLS vs. the 10x43 ED. The guy was pretty vague, and without giving specifics, poured on the superlatives a little heavy for my taste. He did say they were comparable optically to the EDs, and similar to the Razors, which I mentioned-and whose optics I remember going on about a bit, myself.
What with the shorter AOL, knurled focus knob, lack of thumb grooves, and more ergonomic strap locations, these may indeed suit me better than the 10x43 DCF ED would, even if the optics aren't 100% equal(which they very well may be, I just haven't seen for myself).
Anyway, the DLS was $250 cheaper than the best prices for the "comparable" Pentax, so I said screw it, might as well give them a chance.

Tero Monday 1st December 2008 21:37

The pentax optics are more ordinary than I expected, but I like all the handling and ergonomics. An improved "Monarch" for me. I expect the Stokes to be similar as is the Viper.

OwenM Monday 1st December 2008 21:51

Ordinary compared to what? Have you used any of the DCF ED models, or either of the Stokes DLS models?

Tero Tuesday 2nd December 2008 02:01

Sorry no, I was referring to Pentax DCF SP. The ED version is apparently close to the alphas. But I would have to see the resolution myself. I have had a few pairs in hand that beat all my pairs for "snap to" focusing and resolution. The best pair I have is a 8x42 porro. Not the most expensive one. The Zeiss Conquest 10x40 is not better than any of these Pentax Vortex etc best of pairs that have no ED glass. The Vortex Razor I have not seen.

I have a pretty good idea of the Pentax ED 10x43, so make sure they are returnable where you get them. They may not be as spectacular as you think.

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