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paul_j_c2000 Wednesday 11th November 2009 22:35

canon camcorder
Hi i am thinking of buying a canon legria fs22 camcorder for general wildlife use i have a couple of questions that i would some feedback on
1, has anybody tried using it with a spotting scope if so any info on setup and settings would be a great starting point
2,i am a bit confused about night mode,night shot and all the other names i see mentioned,What i need to know can the camcorder see infrared light,i want to do some night shooting of some local badgers using a IR illuminator to light the area will this camcorder be able to see this light source as i think some cameras and camcorders filter out the IR,from what i have read on the internet there seems to be some form of illuminator on the front of the body but i dont know if this is IR or visible light souce,at the end of the day i want to be totally covert when filming as to not give away the setts position i can live with the fact that the footage will be b&w any help please paul

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