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ShadowWolf Sunday 6th May 2018 20:37

Question about binoculars (Vision 12x50)
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My grandpa died last year and finally almost finished moving my grandma and going through all his stuff ive found a set of "Vision 12x50 Coated lens". I hunt and i use binoculars and am thinking about using them, they are still 100% clear lens no scratches, fog or anything and they have the original carrying case and everything. The only issue i can't find any information on them anywhere and don't wanna take what could be a collectible to the woods and get the dirty and destroyed (there in perfect condition). Can anyone give me some info or a link to info on them? Thanks!

Binastro Sunday 6th May 2018 20:50

Hi ShadowWolf.

These are standard maybe 1960s or 1970s, possibly Japanese or maybe Korean Porroprism binoculars, with partly fake markings.
The 7.1 degree field suggests it is a 7x50.

If it is 12x50 the field is likely 5 degrees or a bit less.

It is worth about 20.

Just use it normally.

T.O.M. Co. Vision binoculars exist but the V and V or Vision brand name could be from another source.
The brand name has little meaning.

If it was a good condition Japanese binocular I would expect a Japan sticker on the spindle.

It might say somewhere on the binocular or case where it was made.

The case looks a bit strange with the edge bright feature.

Could be Macau or Hong Kong also.

The No.92K100 also looks odd.

jring Tuesday 8th May 2018 17:47


I agree that 12x and 7.1 deg true field don't fit - this means they would have eyepieces offering 84 deg apparent field of view which were quite simply not available back then - when did the first Naglers and University Optics ultra wides come out?

If you want to test it and can find the big dipper in the sky, you can try to get Alkaid and Mizar/Alkor (the tip of the handle and double star at 2nd pos in the handle) into the field of view.
As they're 6.8 deg apart, they should fit comfortably... If they do, the magnification of the pair is most likely lower - 7 or 8x is probable.


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