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ialarmedalien Thursday 14th June 2018 10:07

Ducks, East Anglia, UK
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I identified these ducks before, but now I can't for the life of me find them in my bird books!

Apologies for the poor photos -- the ducks were in the background whilst shooting a different bird.

LowellMills Thursday 14th June 2018 10:11

They're different lineages of Mallard with domestic genes mixed with wild.

stevethehydra Thursday 14th June 2018 11:37

The first one is a common colour morph found in domestic Mallards, the second looks to me just like a "normal"/wild-type male Mallard going into eclipse (though you can't rule out some domestic ancestry in any Mallards in the UK, really).

ialarmedalien Thursday 14th June 2018 15:49

Excellent, thank you both for your expertise!

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