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Barred Wobbler Wednesday 6th September 2017 19:14

7D2 Repair guide price.
On hols in Spain for the autumn raptor migration again and my camera body had a mishap this morning when I had to brake suddenly for a Lycra wearing insect with a death wish and no awareness of anything else on the road. I thought my camera was safe from such mishaps on the floor behind my seat, but the clearance between the floor and the seat is so large on my hire car, a VW caddy that the camera managed to slide partly under the seat.

The result was a cracked top glass and a knackered top LCD screen. If anyone's had these replaced I'd be glad of a guide price so that I know what the bill will be when I get home. I usually use Lehmann's.

Malcolm Stewart Tuesday 12th September 2017 20:56

My 7DMkII needed a new Compact Flash socket. Supply of socket, disassembly & reassembly cost me around 82 from a well recommended Milton Keynes repairer. (Trust me not to check the CF socket until I was well beyond the 3 month s/h warranty period...)

Good luck.

Barred Wobbler Saturday 23rd September 2017 23:07

For future guidance, I've been quoted a minimum price of 150 to replace the top screen and glass, but because the damage was a result of a sudden impact the camera should have further examination, which immediately adds more cost.

It seems that this will be needed, because after downloading the 6,000 pics I took on the trip, there is a significant reduction in the percentage of keepers from the day of the damage, especially with birds in flight, which were the prime subjects and reason for the journey. I'm not talking about distant shots, I'm talking about frame-fillers of griffon vultures as they passed overhead with plenty of time for AI Servo to lock on.

The next cyclist that does this, I won't brake. It will work out cheaper.

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