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Bill Thomas Wednesday 1st May 2019 03:34

Olive Flycatcher
Discussion thread for Olive Flycatcher. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.

Bill Thomas Wednesday 1st May 2019 03:37

This id, distribution, voice, breeding, doesn't correspond with HWB species Olive Flycatcher. I'm assuming at some point someone confused this with olive-side flycatcher. My info comes from HBW and I can't enter it as an edit.

delia todd Wednesday 1st May 2019 06:12

Thanks so much for flagging this up Bill. You seem to be correct.

I've deleted the original content and started the Distribution and Taxonomy sections. Added the size to the ID and a Reference section.

If you now want to continue with the whatever edits you wanted to do, please, you'd be most welcome.

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