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rogmidd Friday 16th April 2010 23:43

CT Bird advice for a film
Hi all,
I'm doing sound post production for a low budget feature film set in Connecticut.
As i'm australian, i don't know the local wildlife so well, so i was wondering if someone could help me out with what birds one might hear at different times of the day in suburban CT.
The times i'm specifically after are (all winter):
Morning (ie. 7am-10am)
Afternoon/Evening (ie. 3pm-7pm)
Early Morning (ie. just before sunrise)

If there's nothing much around in winter, i can go for autumn as well.

Your help would be greatly help me put in the detail this film deserves.



etudiant Saturday 17th April 2010 01:38

Winter you should get Nuthatches and Chickadees, plus Downy Woodpeckers pretty much all day, ditto Blue Jays. These are all pretty vocal. They are all feeder birds, but in any case winter here is hard enough and the days short enough that the feeding is pretty much nonstop.Crows are around also, but pretty intermittently.
Do note there is a good website here: that lists birds found around New York City by day of the year. It is a good proxy for Connecticut for this purpose.

OpposableChums Saturday 17th April 2010 02:19

Also, in addition to the great advice above, Cardinals, Canada Geese, White-throat Sparrows, and Juncos.

I'm a birder/filmmaker/CT resident myself, and very much appreciate your concern about ornithological accuracy.

rogmidd Wednesday 21st April 2010 18:24

thanks all! your advice has been very helpful. i just want to make sure i get this right.

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