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Andrew Wednesday 4th February 2004 13:28

Mobile Phone Digiscoping
Has anyone got any experience of trying to take pictures of a bird through the scope with one of the new breed of mobile phones fitted with a camera?

I have a CP4500 but do not always take it with me when I want to travel light, if there was a rare bird and I needed a record shot, would a camera phone held over the eyepiece of the scope do?

tomreid24 Wednesday 4th February 2004 16:43

I don't digi-scope but just tried daughters motorola v300 through the scope on a flower on the lounge sill.Took a perfectly acceptable record shot but it was fiddly lining the phone lens up to the scope.I don't know how to post pictures to the site so can't show the result.A very interesting concept though.

birdman Wednesday 4th February 2004 16:48

If you want to add the pic to this thread Tom, just click "Go Advanced", and then scroll down to the red "Manage Attachments" text.

Click there and follow the instructions. You should be OK as long as the File Type and File Size are system compliant.

If you need anything else do post back, and someone will answer you before long.


tomreid24 Wednesday 4th February 2004 17:06

Daughter and phone have left the building.Anyway,I really am useless with computers.Thanks for advice though.

birdman Wednesday 4th February 2004 17:07

I understand how difficult performing a mobilephonectomy on one's daughter can be!!!

John Marshall Wednesday 4th February 2004 19:33

Trust you Birdman to come up with something like that!!!

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