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ClarkWGriswold Sunday 19th August 2018 11:10

First 'proper' birding session in 2 months and it was well worth the wait. I've posted the details over on the information wanted Forum but here are the year ticks:

186. Bonxie
187. Arctic Tern
188. Corys Shearwater Lifer #6
189. Storm Petrel Lifer #7 B (:
190. Wilsons Petrel Lifer #8 B (:
191. Sooty Shearwater Lifer #9 B (:
192. Balearic Shearwater Lifer #10

And then on the way home:
193. Glossy Ibis

A really enjoyable, if tiring day out.


ClarkWGriswold Monday 20th August 2018 18:52

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Took the boy out after work today for the first time birding. To be fair, considering he's only 4 months old, he was brilliant. He quickly calmed and sat quietly whilst I had great scope views of a cracking Gull.

At Rhaslas pond was my 6th Lifer in 2 days:t:

194. Sabines Gull Lifer #11B (:B (:

ClarkWGriswold Tuesday 28th August 2018 17:55

Stopped off at Llanrhidian on my way home from work today. Had a decent if distant view of an Osprey. Fantastic bird:t:

195. Osprey

ClarkWGriswold Saturday 1st September 2018 18:33

Had a cracking day out with Kev today. Initially we were heading to Pant Norton to walk the dog and look for Yellowhammers etc. Then a message came through that a Golden Oriole had been seen in Somerset. Off we went. Unfortunately by the bridge another message came through to say it was now nowhere to be found. :-C Having birded Severnside before we went there.

The boy thoroughly enjoyed his walk and being fussed by the majority of walkers he came across. Along the sea wall were plenty of Turnstones, Dunlin and Ringed plovers. In amongst them was a cracking Curlew Sandpiper :t:

196. Curlew Sandpiper

From here we headed to Goldcliff stopping off for very decent coffee and cake at the Seawalls Tearoom. Dog friendly which was a bonus. At Goldcliff, from the sea wall hide were at least a dozen Yellow Wagtails. This is a great little reserve for them at certain times of the year. The boy was well behaved again.

197. Yellow Wagtail

That was the end of the year ticks but we did bump into a couple of people I follow on Twitter at Ogmore and Red Barn, Goldcliff. Great to meet you Tom and good to meet you again Graham :t:

A brilliant day and the boy was amazing for such a young pup.


ClarkWGriswold Saturday 15th September 2018 17:23

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Had a cracking day out with Kev in Pembs today. Spent a couple of hours looking for the recently reported Red-backed Shrike but to no avail. In a place such as this though it almost didn't matter. Bud was impeccably behaved and thoroughly enjoyed his fuss off two other birders looking for the Shrike.

The main reason we were in the area was at the Gann though. A couple of photographers and birders were on their way back and gave us spot on directions. Cheers ladies and gents:t: A superb pair of Baird's Sandpipers were knocking around with the Dunlins on the shoreline. A lifer for both of us.

198. Baird's Sandpiper Lifer #12 B (:B (:B (:

It's been a good year for Sandpipers this having picked up Common, Green, Purple, Spotted and Bairds.

ClarkWGriswold Wednesday 26th September 2018 20:09

Stopped off at Kidwelly Quay on my way home from work. Had decent views of a Kingfisher and Water Rail plus species number 199. Great to see these birds and really glad I picked one up as I thought I was going to miss out on the recent mini influx.

199. Grey Phalarope

ClarkWGriswold Saturday 29th September 2018 15:06

Just got to 200:-C with a heard only. Wasn't going to include it but I thought if it was anything other than 200 I would have. So in it goes.

200. Common Crossbill

Will head back up to Garwnant soon to nail a sighting. Also saw a Spotted Flycatcher which is a first for me at this site.


ClarkWGriswold Friday 26th October 2018 15:35

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Had the day off with Sars today. I love it when I suggest we go somewhere and she immediately asks "what's been seen?". Can't get anything past her:-O

Anyway, there was obviously a good reason for me suggesting our first visit to Roath Park in Cardiff. The bird showed well, but too distant for decent photos. The weather was very changeable as well.

201. Red-necked Grebe Lifer#13B (:B (:B (:

ClarkWGriswold Monday 29th October 2018 19:33

Cracking evening down at Llanrhidian with Kev. Several Great White Egrets and a hunting Barn Owl. Also got chatting to a very pleasant researcher looking into the Little Egret roost there. It'll be for a Iolo Williams series early next year.

202. Barn Owl

PS forgot to add that I went back up to Garwnant with the boys and the pup today, and had decent views of a flock of Common Crossbills.

ClarkWGriswold Monday 5th November 2018 17:05

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So me and the pup went birding to Kidwelly Quay today. Some great birds around including c20 Great Crested Grebes, Dabchicks, Sparrowhawk, Kestrel, Kites, Buzzards, Water Rail, Greenshanks etc. Etc.

Added the following:

203. Little Stint

The boy was impeccably behaved which was a real bonus.

ClarkWGriswold Saturday 8th December 2018 18:53

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Drove up to Sheffield this morning with my brother to pick up his new Vespa. Stopped off at Holt on the way home and had lovely, if a little distant views of a pair of Smew.

204. Smew

Absolutely shattered now. The weather was so bad I set my satnav to avoid motorways. Sheffield to Neath on A and B roads is bloody hard work! Time for a beerB (:


ClarkWGriswold Sunday 30th December 2018 15:16

Just spending a week in North Norfolk for the New Year and added the following:

205. Snow Buntings - Holkham
206. Grey Partridge- by Sandringham

ClarkWGriswold Monday 31st December 2018 17:24

Nice to have a couple of year ticks on the last day:t:

207. Red legged Partridge
208. Egyptian Goose

Highlight of the year has to be the Snowy Owl down in Pembrokeshire. A mad dash with Kev after work was fun.

Target for next year is a ruddy big Grouse. Got 5 nights booked in Nethy Bridge at the start of March and we'll be going all out - well apart from when Wales are playing the Scots of courseB (:

The routine for tonight is different to normal though we will be watching The Big Year. Usually I'm looking at the weather forecast to see where it's raining the least in Wales and heading off there. Being in Norfolk at the moment though I'm going to have another crack at the the Holkham Shore Larks before going for a wander around Titchwell. Hopefully I'll be able to contribute a couple to the BirdForum New Years Day count.

Good luck for 2019 all.


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