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MuratC Saturday 11th November 2017 20:53

Steppe Grey or Great Grey Shrike?
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Hi Everyone,

I have taken these photos this morning in northern Istanbul-Turkey. There are mixed opinions about this bird weather it is a Great Grey or Steppe Grey. Can you comment?

Thank You

tconzemi Saturday 11th November 2017 21:12

worn but still visible white margins to greater coverts make it a first winter bird; first winter Steppe would show much more white on wing, far smaller mask and paler bill as well as a longer PP
Typical Great Grey Shrike imho

MuratC Sunday 12th November 2017 04:06

Thank You...

I've thought it could be a Steppe Shrike due to the paler mask in front of the eye, relatively long primaries and a larger white patch on the primary than a Great Grey. But of course I could be wrong as I'm no expert at all. I'll try to find it again if I can and hope to get a flying shot.

MuratC Tuesday 14th November 2017 15:43

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OK, these are fresh from today. All the birds in the photos are same, but it may not be the bird I posted earlier. I was able to get some flying shots where we can see the wings from above and below.

tconzemi Tuesday 14th November 2017 15:47

nice pics, as white bases of secondaries are only present in Great Grey Shrike it is clear cut

MuratC Tuesday 14th November 2017 15:56

OK thank you

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