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tjbirdofprey Tuesday 9th July 2019 10:02

Vietnam December 2019 or March 2020
Hi there

I am looking for younger birders (20s to early 30s) who would be interested in joining me on a self planned trip to Vietnam for 12 to 16 days (I'm 24 myself). The plan would be to travel on a reasonable budget, target the endemics and to build a hefty checklist whilst really exploring the country and having a laugh/getting to know other younger birders.


rubenvandermeulen Monday 19th August 2019 13:20

Hi TJ,

What you propose sounds great. I am 27 myself, and expect to have some free time by the end of the year and would love to do some birding in a completely new territory with someone as avid as me while keeping budget reasonable. I would have to fly out all the way from the Netherlands, so I definitely still have to think about it for a bit, but if you could let me know whether you are still planning (and share more details if you have any) then I can start seriously considering :)


peedee Monday 19th August 2019 13:48

Have fun, I spent a month travelling around Vietnam on public transport. It's a great place with excellent birding.

Warixenjalka Wednesday 21st August 2019 10:32

Age racism! :king:

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