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Marcus Conway - ebirder Saturday 24th November 2007 20:34

Pallas's Warbler
I was watching the Pallas's at Filey today when an observer said that the call signified it was a 'normal pallas's' indicating there are different calls.

Any ideas on this one?

Keith Dickinson Saturday 24th November 2007 20:41

Hi Marcus,
Just looking through Sample's Warbler Songs and Calls book, he mentions calls as being 'varied but tending to be short rather delicately articulated monosyllabic or disyllabic notes in a voice reminiscent of Chiffchaff.'
He gives the most frequent as a sweet 'chew' or 'chewee' notes but they can include a high 'tee' or 'swee' and a more explosive 'tchi'.
Hope that for mp3 files of the relevant tracks

marklhawkes Saturday 24th November 2007 21:16

May be he meant it wasn't a Lemon-rumped Warbler!

Edward woodwood Saturday 24th November 2007 22:46


Originally Posted by marklhawkes (Post 1061694)
May be he meant it wasn't a Lemon-rumped Warbler!

or even Simla Leaf (Eastern Lemon-rumped) and Sichuan Leaf Warbler (Western Lemon-rumped)

see Rheindt (Birding Asia 2006)


HH75 Sunday 25th November 2007 14:59

Hi all,
Before this year, my experience of calling Pallas's was limited to three birds (of five seen) in autumn/early winter 2003, and all gave the rather distinctive calls as can be heard on the excellent 'Calls of Eastern Vagrants' CD and elsewhere, but I must admit, having thought that I had 'come to grips' with their vocalisations, to being somewhat thrown this October.
After having great views of my first Dusky Warbler there on 22nd October, I decided to avail of a lift and go back to Ballycotton again on the 23rd. The Dusky was obliging again, and, while looking at that, I got word that a Pallas's Warbler had been found elsewhere in the village, so we decided to look for that. The bird was elusive at first, and initial views were a piece at a time: some 'normal' calls were heard around then.
A while later, after much of the 'crowd' had thinned, I heard a call from some bushes that I would have likened to that given by some eastern Chiffchaffs (similar to that listed as 'eastern abietinus' on the 'Eastern Vagrants' CD), so imagine my surprise when, on looking in the direction from whence the calls came, I was confronted not with a dull Chiffchaff, but the Pallas's! We then went on to get excellent views of this gem of a bird.
Now, the bird had been heard in song earlier (presumed subsong?), so perhaps this 'call' was related to that, or perhaps the species regularly gives more than one call type? Some calls on recordings that I've heard do sound less distinctive than others, though none quite sounded like this one.

bitterntwisted Monday 26th November 2007 15:59


Originally Posted by Tim Allwood (Post 1061748)
or even Simla Leaf (Eastern Lemon-rumped) and Sichuan Leaf Warbler (Western Lemon-rumped)

see Rheindt (Birding Asia 2006)


These are splits, Tim? Simla leaf was ssp simlaensis and Sichaun Leaf was ssp chloronotus? Are there further splits (see

Harry, it sez 'ere simlaensis and chloronotus have a very different call, 'uist' (Kevin Baker's Helm guide). But my understanding is that only nominate proregulus has vagrancy potential to the UK and Ireland. Our OBC members can enlighten further - I've just been reading up having seen my first yesterday.


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