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MNSpotter Thursday 24th October 2019 15:28

Nikon 27X and 40X MC verses DS? - A little insight needed.
A little background...

I recently purchased an ED50 and love it. However, don't like the zoom 13-40 zoom eyepiece I had (and returned). My friend has a 40x Wide MC and it's much, much brighter. I am trying to get some brighter distance work out of the little ED50.

I have posted under the wanted for a fixed 27x or 40x Wide MC. Hard to find the 40x that's for sure. I think the 27x Wide MC is still out there new, but I'm really looking for the 40x, unless I need to wait a bit until a used one pops which case I'll get the 27x.

However, I might be convinced to buy the 40x Wide DS version...which appears to be the 40x Wide MC minus the eyecup.

So here's my question...has anyone compared the 40x Wide MC against the 40x Wide DS? Same goes for the 27x versions. I prefer an eyecup version, and not the soft rubber that the DS version comes with for observation.

I was told by an avid Nikon user that despite the exact same specs listed on each item y Nikon that they may actually have different coatings...perhaps to to digiscoping and observation differences, but I'm not sure. Looking for some insight from some experienced users on these eyepieces. Brightness and clarity is what I'm after.

Thanks much!

Alexis Powell Thursday 24th October 2019 20:45

The coatings on the DS versions of those eyepieces _might_ be slightly better than on the MC versions (and the same may be true for a late production MC versus a really old one because Nikon had made small coating changes over the production life of these products that were made for many years) but the difference will be so small as to be insignificant, even for obsessives. All the MC are fully MC, as are the newer DS. "Clarity" etc will be the same because these MC and DS eyepieces have identical optical formulae. Such is not true of the 24/30x MC versus the 16/24/30x DS. Those have entirely different designs. The DS is a bit better for digiscoping since it has slightly less curvature of field.


mayoayo Saturday 26th October 2019 10:37

What other eyepieces you have now? If you dont have any other eyepiece,the 40x is a bit too much magnification for the ED50 as a regular use eyepiece..It is still reasonably bright in good light but the small field of view at short distance makes It hard to use...and in low light resolution goes down too..It would compare with using a 70x eyepiece on an 80mm(roughly ,lets not get too technical )
Useful at times,but not too be the only eyepiece u have..Coatings are not the issue,MC and DS are gonna be pretty much equal ,perhaps slight variations have been done between different Vintages,but except for the very old ,eyepieces ,i dont think you should be concerned about that issue.
If you want only to have one eyepiece,the 27 x is better.If you buy the 16x or the 20x,then the 40x is gonna be a good addition..and yes,the MC are more compact and perhaps more confortable ,but the DS are fine for visual...Now there are a few MC on eBay going for 250 +/- .The DS for 80 pounds deal that was pointed in other thread recently is a no brainer,..get that and a 20x MC and enjoy!

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