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alcedo.atthis Monday 22nd January 2007 17:55

New web page/site on Heuglin's Gull
Taken from ABZ today, a post from Dr Chris Gibbins.

"A number of us gull enthusiasts (Ruud Altenburg, Visa Rauste, Hannu
Koskinen, Theo Muusse, Mars Muusse and myself) have just put the
finishing touches to a new web site detailing the identification of
Heuglin's Gull. It deals with heuglini relative to fuscus, graellsii
and intermedius. It is based on heuglini photographed in Russia and a
sample of ringed fuscus, graellsii and intermedius."
Main site web page is :-
It may be of interest to some.
I wonder how far, species wise these guys will go.



JANJ Monday 22nd January 2007 19:42

Right, and a very good work it is (not an easy task I can promise you),not to mention all the first class images of 2cy heuglini from Russia and the presumed ones from Finland by Visa Rauste. Also images of LBBG graellsii, intermedius and nom.fuscus are first class and very instructive.
Also one has to acknowledge the effort put in to the work on colour ringing schemes for LBBG by all the people working with this project.
Identification of out of range heuglini is a challenge, and will still be for years to come.
Take a look at this site and learn, and notice the similarities between some of the Heuglin´s and Caspian Gull.


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