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walternewton Wednesday 4th May 2011 13:34

Winged Eyecups
There seem to be 2 types of winged eyecups available for the SLC 8x30 - PN 44002 ($17.00 each) and PN 44106 ($30.00 for a pair with matching rainguard) - what are the differences between the two?

NDhunter Thursday 5th May 2011 13:45

Both of these will fit the 8x30, the 44002 is the type that replaces the original eyecups
by screwing them out and replacing with the winged. 44002K is the kit which includes
the winged rainguard, and lists for $49.50.
44106 is the newer universal winged eyecovers which stretch and slip over the eyecup, and
they come with the winged rainguard, lists, and found for $30.00, and these fit both EL and
They both work well.


Bob A (SD) Thursday 5th May 2011 21:16

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Any idea what the separate rainguard SKU number is which is part of the 44106 kit? Reason I ask is that I have the older screw on winged eyecups (643-0294 #44019) for my 7x42B SLCs and had been using the now long discontinued 363-479A rainguard which did fit the winged cups. Unfortunately the strap loops on the rainguard have torn. Hence my query as I need a replacement.

NDhunter Thursday 5th May 2011 21:22

I'm not sure on that. I would call SONA, service center, and see if they could help.
Who knows, they may just send one to you.


Bob A (SD) Thursday 5th May 2011 21:32

Thanks Jerry. Looked in my retained files and found e-mail addys for Alex and Dawn at Swaro USA CS. Fired off a query.... we'll see ;)

Addendum: well I got a reject on [email protected] so apparently she's no longer there. Hopefully my request for help works with Dawn Lorello :)

walternewton Thursday 5th May 2011 22:58


Originally Posted by NDhunter (Post 2133002)
They both work well.

Thanks Jerry - assuming they're similar in material, function etc. it sounds like the newer ones are the way to go, if for no other reason than to save a few bucks.

Bob A (SD) Friday 6th May 2011 20:36

Yup. Swaro's exceptional CS comes through yet again. They're sending me the new kit gratis and have asked that I provide them with comparative feedback against the older screw on winged eyecups and discontinued 363-479A rainguard. They're interested in what customers think of the new kit. Of course I'm happy to oblige their request :)

Bob A (SD) Tuesday 10th May 2011 20:53

The part number for the improved rainguard to fit winged eyecups that is part of the new "kit" is 663-952A. It is a MUCH better unit than the old discontinued 363-479A.

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