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JennyMK Friday 11th May 2012 07:50

Jenny's paintings
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Hello everyone!
I am new to this site, and would like to introduce myself: My name is Jenny Moed-Korpela, an artist from Finland currently living in China. I paint mostly birds, and thought it would be nice to share my work with you guys, and be inspired by all the great bird art and photography on this site.

A question: I have noticed that you do not do many threads per person, but rather post your paintings in one thread, I guess this means that I can post all my paintings in one thread, and my sketches in another, and so on? And then just fill it up as the time goes?

Well, here are the three images I uploaded today to the gallery to get started, comments and criticism more than welcome!!!

username Friday 11th May 2012 08:30

Greetings Jenny.....

Some fine pics you've posted there...i particularly like the gull and the treatment of backgrounds of kingfisher and robin pics..and i look forward to seeing more of your work...

[I love eastern influence paintings]....:cat:

ps....i would just put all sketches and finished works on this one thread by the way....unless you have reason to seperate your works...

All the best....:t:

Woody Friday 11th May 2012 10:29

Hi Jenny, welcome to the best bit of BF.

Nice work, unique and unusual backgrounds add an interesting twist.

User's right, put everything in one place it makes it easy for everyone to follow what you're up to.


timwootton Friday 11th May 2012 17:32

Splendid work - welcome to Birdforum!

Lykos Friday 11th May 2012 22:05

warm welcome Jenny....beautiful paintings

JennyMK Saturday 12th May 2012 01:35

Thank you all so much for your warm welcome and kind feedback! I will put everything in this one thread, that's easy then! :)
Looking forward to getting some constructive feedback on the work I'm posting, and it will be great to see all your bird art!

KC Foggin Saturday 12th May 2012 02:03

I'm not an artist Jenny but I know beautiful when I see it and your work is beautiful.

mark richards Saturday 12th May 2012 08:15

Hi the kingfisher, ...mark

JennyMK Sunday 13th May 2012 05:28

KC and Mark: Thank you so much!!

solitaryVSong Sunday 13th May 2012 13:25

Hi Jenny,

Welcome to birdforum. That's the right choice to put them all in one thread. Hope to see more soon.

Bigshent Sunday 13th May 2012 21:19

Im not artist so cant do advice but that background is stunning on the gull :t:

JennyMK Monday 14th May 2012 05:24

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Thank you Ken!
Bigshent: thank you! I am myself pleased with how that background developed, something I will use more of in the future!

Here are some more paintings: the seagull is just like the previous paintings from last year, but the Long-tailed tit and the European Robin is from this year. I am for the moment busy with a small series of 20x20cm canvases, and the long tailed tit and the robin are the first finished ones. On the easel I have two more Long-tailed tits and a Bullfinch coming up, so I will soon share those as well. These are experiments, so they do differ quite a lot from each other. I am playing with texture and color-scemes for the backgrounds.

timwootton Monday 14th May 2012 23:32

More gorgeous work, Jenny . . . and the choice of background works really well, to my eyes. Will you (or have you already) make paintings of 'Eastern' birds too?

JennyMK Tuesday 15th May 2012 02:00

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Thank you Tim! I have started yes with some eastern birds. The Common Kingfisher that I saw for the first time here in China I have painted once already, and I have one more on the easel. And I have started a painting with an Azure-winged magpie (sketch for the painting in my inspirational journal below in attachment).

I have seen a few new species for me here on the east coast of china, and on my short travels inland. I was not able to get good pictures of them, but I was able to identify some of them. I have seen the Hoopoe, Red-billed blue magpie, Grey-chinned Minivet and Red-whiskered bulbul amongst others. So there will be paintings from them one day...

oivind egeland Tuesday 15th May 2012 07:08

Beautiful paintings, Jenny. The combination of eastern bird and sweedish (?) song is new to me! It works really well :-)

Woody Tuesday 15th May 2012 08:10

Lovely idea this mix of collage and paint, it has a lot of potential. I look forward to seeing some more of the 'exotics'.


solitaryVSong Tuesday 15th May 2012 17:22


Originally Posted by Woody (Post 2440240)
Lovely idea this mix of collage and paint, it has a lot of potential. I look forward to seeing some more of the 'exotics'.


These keep growing on me.

nickderry Tuesday 15th May 2012 23:25

this is gorgeous work indeed! Fascinating to 'explore' the backgrounds.

JennyMK Wednesday 16th May 2012 01:44

Thank you Oivind! Yes it is a swedish song in the background, I have two of my mothers old songbooks that I use the sheets for backgrounds. They are brown/yellow of age and for some reason I love to use them...
Mike, Ken and Nick: Thank you so much!!!

spizaetos Wednesday 16th May 2012 07:18

Welcome on board Jenny!
Very beautiful paintings with an unusual approach to your subject!
Feel free to post more...


JennyMK Saturday 19th May 2012 09:18

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Thank you Pashalis! And I will... ;)

Here the last painting from last year that I am gonna post: First sign of pring. A long-tailed tit in oil on book pages on canvas.

nickderry Saturday 19th May 2012 11:08

that is stunning Jenny! I adore it so much.

JennyMK Sunday 20th May 2012 06:39

Thank you Nick! The colors really worked out in this one,and it was one of those paintings that felt really good doing... :)

ARTHUR BISHOP Sunday 20th May 2012 16:33

Super pic,s Jenny and another welcome to the forum

Andrew H Sunday 20th May 2012 16:58

Both, backgrounds and subject are fantastic......a very different twist on the finished product..

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