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halftwo Thursday 4th April 2019 15:20

Book Finished Today
Hi, Everyone,

It's been a long time since I wrote on this thread, mainly because I've been busy trying to finish my book.

Well, today, I did finish it.
It's been years in the writing - and all I need to do now is get it published!



delia todd Thursday 4th April 2019 16:08

Congratulations H2.... what's your book called?

Good luck with finding a publisher.

halftwo Thursday 4th April 2019 17:31

Thanks, Delia,

I'm thinking of calling it "Razor in the Wind"

It's a prose-poetry book on nature, mainly about Hobbies.

delia todd Thursday 4th April 2019 18:01

Mmmmm.... it sounds great lad.

Can you keep us updated and let us know when it gets published then.

halftwo Thursday 4th April 2019 19:50

Oh course I will, Delia.

Kits Thursday 4th April 2019 20:34

If it is anything like the writing on here, it will be incredible, H. Well done. Do you have an agent?

halftwo Thursday 4th April 2019 21:31

Hi Kits,

Thanks very much.

No, know any?!


Paul Longland Friday 5th April 2019 12:57

Have you thought about self publishing on kindle?
Not sure how one would go about it but there are loads on there

halftwo Friday 5th April 2019 13:21

Hi, Paul,

I've thought about most ways - and tried to get my head around the advantages and pitfalls of each.
It seems that the actual production isn't the problem - it's the publicity.
I could enter a whole world of self-publicity - or have a website which is 90% adverts - you know the type - pay a company a big slice for being yet another on a huge list...
It goes on.
I am realistic that this type of book is very much a niche genre, unlikely to generate wide interest (perhaps), unless other factors like fame or endorcement by someone famous come by.
But, I'm an optimist nonetheless - so fingers crossed.



Warixenjalka Monday 8th April 2019 12:39

Wow! Well done H2. B (:

Do you have pictures there also? Good photos (or paintings) could make it easier to sell... maybe. Pictures can be somebody else if you don't have enough "artistic".

I have a "book project" too, but it has nothing to do with birds.

halftwo Tuesday 9th April 2019 17:45

Hi Wari,

No, no illustrations - I'm hoping the words will do.

I've sent it off to a publisher now.

Fingers crossed!!

delia todd Tuesday 9th April 2019 17:50

..... and my toes too H2

Kits Tuesday 9th April 2019 20:31

A library will have a book of literary agents and the markets/genres in which they specialise. Publishing houses get hundreds of unsolicited manuscripts sent and, sadly, have a tendency to ignore them. Google might help with a list of literary agents.

halftwo Wednesday 10th April 2019 12:10

Thanks, Kits,

Yes, some publishers don't (probably for good reason) accept manuscripts except via an agent - but that adds another layer of expense into the whole process.

I'll wait to see what reaction I get from the publishers before deciding my next step.



stuartvine Friday 12th April 2019 10:44

Good luck with getting it published - I'll be in the market for a copy - in any format. :t:

halftwo Saturday 13th April 2019 18:57

Thanks, Stuart.

I'm going to start on the 2nd one soon!

Mono Sunday 14th April 2019 11:53

Have you thought of print on demand with Amazon

halftwo Sunday 14th April 2019 18:04


Originally Posted by Mono (Post 3838517)
Have you thought of print on demand with Amazon

Yes, but I'm not a big Amazon fan.

halftwo Wednesday 29th May 2019 17:23

Hello, again.

Well, the publishers liked it!

I've signed a contract and it's over to them to do their thing.

It could take a couple or more months, but it's on its way!!

Watch this space!

delia todd Wednesday 29th May 2019 18:17

Many congratulations H2!!!

B (:

Kits Wednesday 29th May 2019 19:31

Brilliant news, H! Well done! :clap:

halftwo Wednesday 29th May 2019 20:39

Thanks, Delia & Kits.

I'm very excited!

halftwo Friday 7th June 2019 06:04

The title, 'Razor in the Wind', is taken from the lyrics of "Spanish Stroll" by Mink Deville. It is strictly a no-no to quote song lyrics in books without permission (& usually a large fee) but the publishers have assured me that the title is fine - which means it falls within the amount allowed to be used.
So, 'Razor in the Wind' it is.
Watch this space, they're working on it!

Kits Friday 7th June 2019 21:17

How exciting, H. I am so pleased for you.

stuartvine Tuesday 11th June 2019 09:23

Congratulations, absolutely brilliant - keep us informed! :t:

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