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Roy Goldsmith Monday 19th August 2019 19:07

Large Moth for ID Please
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A large moth has been on the same spot on my wall all day and is still there at 20.00 hrs.


Farnboro John Monday 19th August 2019 19:27

I'm thinking Red Underwing but hopefully somebody better will confirm it.


THE WANDERER Monday 19th August 2019 19:54

Yes, Red Underwing

honeym Monday 19th August 2019 20:09

Was it attracted to an outdoor light?
Unless disturbed, most moths will stay in the same spot until dusk, when they fly off. The problem occurs if the light comes on again as it confuses the normal roost/flight cycle.

Roy Goldsmith Monday 19th August 2019 20:18

Thanks for looking, It was not on the wall at 6am but was there at 8am.
So was not attracted by any light source.

Thanks again

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