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ducbucln Wednesday 13th February 2019 21:38

I.D. on shorebirds, Oregon
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Long distance pictures, but can anyone tell me the species? I found them in the northern part of Oregon.

KenM Wednesday 13th February 2019 22:24

I’m thinking Aleutian Rock Sandpipers.


Nutcracker Thursday 14th February 2019 00:50

Much too white below for Rock Sand. Going by the short bills, maybe Least Sand?

Are they over the coast, or freshwater inland?

fugl Thursday 14th February 2019 02:37

Least Sandpiper was my first thought also. . ..

KenM Thursday 14th February 2019 07:19

Agreed Least Sandpiper.

ducbucln Thursday 14th February 2019 14:44

Thanks to all of you for your help. They were on the coast.

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