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Julie50 Wednesday 27th May 2020 17:07

Thanks - really enjoyed the trip today. Will definitely be going again!

Ian Byrnes Wednesday 27th May 2020 19:12


Originally Posted by Julie50 (Post 4006888)
Hi all, great morning at Coney with a walk to the woods also. Any idea on ID of last photo?

Great tit
Wood pigeon
Reed warbler
Reed bunting
Cuckoo - on the big dead tree!
Blue tit
Grey wagtail

Looks like a worthwhile visit Julie.

Glad you saw the Cuckoo on the dead tree.....must be a favourite spot for him. I went early this morning and saw another Cuckoo (could have been the same one) further towards the A449.

Next time you go, there is a Cettis Warbler at bridge 3 singing beautifully and very visible and one between Bridges 4-5 and also got the call of a Spotted Flycatcher at bridge 5.

The Reed Warblers are a joy and plenty of Blackcaps calling loudly.

The irises and wild flowers are also special (I put a couple more photos on user gallery - Sedge Warbler in mono and bee on irises).

All the best

Julie50 Thursday 28th May 2020 19:22


Are the bridges numbered from the church towards the Droitwich Woods or do they go the other way?

Thanks J

Woodchat Thursday 28th May 2020 21:15

The bridges are numbered from the River Severn.

Julie50 Friday 29th May 2020 08:08

Thank you :)

Julie50 Friday 29th May 2020 18:33

1 Attachment(s)
Great walk down the tow path today - lots of warblers chirping away. We had some thoughts and this led to a question only you regulars can answer!

As we walked along the path every 12 foot or so a reed warbler chirped at us as we were obviously too close to a nest/territory. They seemed to be on the path side of the canal. Is this usual or did they nest there during the lockdown and are now too close to people?

Great day for dragonflies and damselflies:)

Phil Andrews Friday 29th May 2020 18:38

Nice Broad-bodied Chaser :t:

Julie50 Friday 29th May 2020 18:42

We watched it “hunting” for quite a while. It stayed on the top of the rush until it saw a meal, then flew straight at it, if caught, ate it straight away, then flew back to the perch.

Great day for pics :)

Woodchat Monday 1st June 2020 21:07

Birds recorded today:

Coot with young
Lesser Whitethroat carrying food
Common Whitethroats, Reed and Sege Warblers
Blackcaps and Chiffchaffs
Swifts, Swallows and House Martin's
Canada Geese and Mute Swan
Reed Buntings
Grey and Pied Wagtails

Over the weekend:

2+ Cuckoos
2 Ravens
Juvenile Coal Tits

Meadow Brown butterflies over the past few days

Woodchat Tuesday 2nd June 2020 07:57

An Oystercatcher flew over my house calling at about 11 PM last night.

Woodchat Tuesday 2nd June 2020 09:26

Marsh Frog calling loudly along the canal between Ladywood and Porter's Mill - also heard yesterday.

2 Emperor Dragonflies seen so far today.


Woodchat Tuesday 2nd June 2020 11:25

Pair of Greylags with at least 4 young on small pool near Chatley - plus pair of Gadwall and a Little Grebe.

Lots of Dragonflies including more Emperors and Black- tailed Skimmer.

Cetti's earlier near Linacre Bridge

2 Cuckoos this morning so far


Woodchat Thursday 4th June 2020 11:48

Red Kite over Chawson Lane now circling over Copcut Rise

Woodchat Thursday 4th June 2020 13:21

Other birds seen today:

1 Cuckoo
2 Yellowhammers
Lesser Whitethroat
Juvenile Coal Tit
Mistle Thrushes
Common Whitethroats
Reed Warblers
Sedge Warblers
Reed Buntings
Swifts, Swallows and House Martins
Grey Wagtail
Pied Wagtails
Great Spotted Woodpeckers

Brown Hare along Sinton Lane

Birder Gladys Friday 5th June 2020 19:54

5 Attachment(s)
few pics from the last couple of days. 45 birds seen or heard. Highlights Female Cuckoo, Red Legged Partridge flew pass my ear whist I was stood in Coney.

Pic 3 seat has been there for some time, still the piss heads that leave there cans will not be be able to lean back.
pic 5 normal standard for me and a flying bird.8-P

Woodchat Monday 8th June 2020 13:49

This morning on the patch:

1 Oystercatcher near the confluence
3 singing Male Cuckoos
A group of 6 Ravens between Tapenhall and Chatley
2 singing Male Cetti's Warblers
Lesser Whitethroat plus the usual Common Warblers
Swifts, Swallows and House Martins
Grey Wagtails
Juvenile Blackcaps and Robins

Seems to be a good year for Small Tortoiseshells

Woodchat Wednesday 10th June 2020 10:19

A pair of Tufted Ducks on Tapenhall pool
Female Kestrel
Water Rail calling from Coney reedbed earlier
Cormorant over.
A few juv Swallows around Porter's Mill

Birder Gladys Wednesday 10th June 2020 21:27

5 Attachment(s)
So I took the Adjoining Areas in the opposite direction. 40+ Birds.
1 Gulls making it easy to count.
2 Another Grey Wagtail juv.
3 Circular walk .
4 Daisies as far as you can see.
5 not doing its job

wheatearlp Thursday 11th June 2020 21:48


Originally Posted by Birder Gladys (Post 4014202)
So I took the Adjoining Areas in the opposite direction. 40+ Birds.
1 Gulls making it easy to count.
2 Another Grey Wagtail juv.
3 Circular walk .
4 Daisies as far as you can see.
5 not doing its job

What is it that Pamela may reserve?

Birder Gladys Thursday 11th June 2020 22:25


Originally Posted by wheatearlp (Post 4014803)
What is it that Pamela may reserve?

Its a very small path,a 5 minute walk of wood and grass land.location near to the Maria head back towards Droitwich but not worth it unless you are in the area . Birds of any note lesser whitethroat,blackcap,chiffchaff. I believe that there was some newt pools constructed in the area when the Maria was built but if this was the place they dried out a long time ago.

Birder Gladys Friday 12th June 2020 16:40

3 Attachment(s)
photos from this morning.

Philb50 Friday 12th June 2020 20:50

Little Owl by farm on Sinton Lane. Perched on 5 bar gate by brick barn.

Woodchat Saturday 13th June 2020 11:16

My first Marbled White of the year this morning

Woodchat Sunday 14th June 2020 12:47

Red Kite between Salwarpe and Ladywood this morning
Hobbies over New Mill, Porter's Mill and Mildenham.

Scarlet Tiger Moth in Coney Meadow

Noisy Marsh Frog in the canal between Salwarpe and Ladywood

Woodchat Monday 15th June 2020 12:37

Cuckoos singing at Salwarpe, Ladywood and Tapenhall this morning.
Lesser Whitethroat singing near Ladywood
A couple of broods of juvenile Swallows on the wing.
Sparrowhawk and Buzzards
Grey Wagtails
Juvenile Green Woodpeckers

4 Marbled White butterflies and another Scarlet Tiger Moth

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