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dragnil Sunday 7th June 2020 17:20

Scatalogical mystery
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Sorry if this is a result of many weeks of lock-down but my curiosity was roused by the mysterious daily arrival of excrement in the garden.

The whiteness you can see in the pictures indicates to me that it's avian but the size rules out all of our garden birds and, yes, I've been looking for a woodpigeon with a squint, but no joy there.

It reminds me of goose droppings and when I moved it the interior was fresh green plant matter.

However, although our garden is rural it is surrounded by trees and I can't imagine a large bird being able to land easily.

It does seems to appear overnight so could we have an owl, but how would that explain the green content?

Any ideas gratefully considered.

Nr Lincoln, UK

Nutcracker Sunday 7th June 2020 23:07

I'd go with Woodpigeon, their turds are quite large :t:

dragnil Tuesday 9th June 2020 11:37

I think you must be right, Nutty, one of our pigeons must have the biggest anus outside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue... :eek!:

Warixenjalka Sunday 14th June 2020 16:41


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