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UKBirder23 Wednesday 15th July 2020 09:36

Thrush singing (UK)
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Hello all,
This thrush has been singing outside my window for several evenings now, I thought it was a Song Thrush but wanted to make sure it wasn't Mistle. The light is too bad for photos so I got a recording of it. Thank you!

dragnil Wednesday 15th July 2020 10:10

I'd never claim to be expert with bird song but the repetition of each phrase certainly says Song Thrush to me.

davercox Wednesday 15th July 2020 10:47

Certainly is a Song Thrush, lovely. Nice to hear from my old home town.

Nutcracker Wednesday 15th July 2020 12:02

Ditto to Song Thrush :t:

UKBirder23 Wednesday 15th July 2020 16:46

Thank you all, nice to have that confirmed!

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