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Hans Verdaat Wednesday 4th May 2011 19:34

new birding website(s)
The international nature observations website is developing further. A lot of (European) birders are already using this free website for their birding.

Main page (whole world):

Overview of sub-sites for all Caribbean Islands:

Sightings former Netherlands Antilles island:

Hope you are interested in using the site and perhaps are able to spread the word to other birders in the region.

njlarsen Thursday 5th May 2011 00:19

Hans Verdaat, welcome to birdforum!

Contrary to you, I hope that the majority of birders will use one of the already established repositories for the Caribbean, of which my favorite is Ebird Caribbean. There are to my mind not enough birders in the area to dilute the knowledge assembled by spreading it over several repositories.

Disclaimer: I am a reviewer for Ebird for Dominica.


Hans Verdaat Saturday 21st April 2012 11:04

Hello Niels,

Thanks for your reply: you are correct about dilution of sightings. For this reason (and others) there is a close cooperation between E-Bird &

There is a exchage of data, this makes it easier for users to continue to work with the system that they are used to 'back home'.

update: Sint Eustatius =

Kind regards,
(bird admin

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