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Zoopster Monday 3rd December 2018 00:40

screening for greenhouse to make it visible to birds?
Do any of you have recommendations for constructing a screen around a (as yet unbuilt) greenhouse to make it visible to birds? Sometime I'd very much like to have a greenhouse, but don't want to do so until I can come up with a way to make the entire structure visible. It's to be a small 12x16 glass greenhouse, and I've been pondering a heavy-gauge wire mesh, offset from the glass a bit, to make a grid pattern visible to birds without casting too much of a shadow on the greenhouse. I've been perusing the search history but haven't run across any previous searches. Does anyone have feedback? Or pictures? It'd be super appreciated.

Cheers :)

andyadcock Wednesday 12th December 2018 12:27

All you need is a basic frame with a dense, netting tacked to it, this will absorb any impact before a bird hits the glass.

Make sure there is some give in the netting, don't stretch it too tight and make sure that the gauge is not of such a size that birds can get stuck in it.

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