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killik Friday 23rd June 2006 06:20

Best Field Guide, Ireland
I'm planning a trip to Ireland in September, and I'm looking for
opinions on the best guide to carry. I'll be spending a few days
in Wales at the end of the trip, as well as returning to other parts
of the UK in a couple of years, so if there's a guide that covers both
Ireland and the UK, that would be ideal.

David FG Friday 23rd June 2006 06:49

The answer has to be Collins. This covers not only Ireland and Britain, but the rest of Europe and North Africa as well.

Mike Johnston Friday 23rd June 2006 09:50

Collins Bird Guide (Mullarney, Svensson, Zetterstrom, Grant) or Birds of Europe (Jonsson) are the best and most comprehensive. For something a little more pocketable try A Pocket Guide to the Birds of Britain and North-West Europe (Madge, Nurney). A comprehensive Irish guide is The Complete Guide to Ireland's Birds (Dempsey, O'Clery), which is a large format hardback - not good for ID but gives an idea of what is present in Ireland and has distribution maps. It was edited down to form the small paperback A Pocket Guide to the Common Birds of Ireland. For where to see birds, try Where to Watch Birds in Ireland (Hutchinson).

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